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Female owners of Mercedes Benz give up making up for their birthday and deny huge compensation from

After more than a week of fermenting the rights protection incident of female Mercedes Benz owners in Xi'an, the two sides reached a settlement on the evening of April 16. Originally, the settlement agreement was to celebrate the birthday of female Mercedes Benz owners, but it was rejected. What's the matter?

Among the eight demands put forward by female car owners, the personal part has been fully fulfilled, including apology from Mercedes Benz, replacement of new car, refund of financial service fee, making up for the birthday of female car owners, etc. Both Wang Jing and Mr. Chen are satisfied with the results.

However, such a settlement did not satisfy every spectator. On the afternoon of April 17, Mr. Chen (a pseudonym) of the female car owner's family told Beijing Youth Daily that, in view of the online comments that it is estimated that Mercedes Benz will give the female car owner a lot of financial compensation in the name of birthday expenses when they make up their birthday, the two decided to give up the compensation of making up their birthday party. 'we don't think it's too late for this birthday. We're going to take a holiday by ourselves. '

Previously, for some netizens questioned whether female car owners privately and Mercedes Benz side have another compensation agreement, Mr. Chen said that this is nonsense. 'we won't damage our reputation for an economic compensation. Now that so many netizens pay attention to and support us, we think we still have a little value, and we won't lose our value for that money. Our personal reputation and value should be higher than that of economic compensation. We are not too greedy. We are satisfied with the achievements we have gained. I would like to thank our netizens for their support. They are also our comrades in arms;.

On the afternoon of April 16, Xi'an lizhixing suspended business and was required to conduct internal inspection. In the evening of the same day, Wang Qian met with the relevant responsible person of Mercedes Benz to have a conversation. The test data, PDI test sheet, certification qualification and other materials presented by Mercedes Benz proved that the vehicle involved had indeed passed the PDI test. "It's a new car, not an accident car or a new car.

In addition, Mercedes Benz also replaced Wang Qian with a Mercedes Benz scooter.

Wang Qian agreed with the above results. In an interview with Nandu, she said that she also felt sorry. Mercedes Benz will invite her to visit the whole production process at its headquarters in Germany and hold a new birthday party for her.

Before that, Wang Qian once said that her experience of safeguarding rights is only a fuse. Many people may have had similar experience and confusion, struggling desperately on the edge of safeguarding rights. That's why this event has aroused the attention and support of the whole people. Because of this, a friend who bought Audi asked her to help protect her rights.

Wang Qian has always believed that to strive to live is to have a better choice and life, and get the corresponding dignity. In an interview with Nanfang Weekend, Wang Qian said, "I hope that from now on, there will be no more girls who need to cry on the hood to protect their rights. I hope that we can solve the problem gracefully & hellip; & hellip; I just want to be a law-abiding citizen, which is very lucky. '

'if you find problems through this incident and promote the solution of them, I think it's a progress. That's really very good. 'she expresses that expectation.

What makes people feel sad is that Wang Qian, sitting on the red Mercedes Benz hood, has pushed down the dominoes of the 4S shop's dilemma of safeguarding rights and disorderly charging with her own efforts, making the deep-rooted 'hidden rules' of the automobile sales industry emerge to the tip of the iceberg, triggering a storm of public opinion for the 4S automobile sales industry.