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Why is Cai Xukun easy to recruit gangsters? Why Cai Xukun is ridiculed by the whole network

Since his debut, Cai Xukun has received mixed criticism and praise. In addition to the fact that his feminine image has not been accepted by the majority of netizens, Cai Xukun's fans are also a big reason for his blackmail. However, for a star, as a public figure, he must experience all kinds of ups and downs.

and Cai Xukun was almost completely black in the recent period. Since he became the ambassador of NBA China, Cai Xu Kun's basketball player began to burn up on the Internet. Cai Xukun had called herself the US school team, but the skills in the NBA video show make complaints about basketball fans.

Cai Xukun is relatively young among the stars. Born in 1998, he made his debut in the entertainment circle last year by virtue of "idol trainee" and C position. It's only about a year now, but his fame has entered the ranks of first-line stars, and there are countless fans who like him. His sunny and handsome image has attracted a lot of fans, and has also been called "the star of the world" by countless younger girls "Super male god"

After becoming famous, troubles will continue. After becoming popular, Cai Xukun has also experienced a lot of network bombing, and various kinds of black materials for him also emerge in an endless stream. Many black fans abuse him on the Internet and even attack him with language. They really curse whatever is ugly. Cai Xukun has not responded to these black fans from the beginning, and may be clowns in his eyes Let's go.

Some time ago, fans of CAI Xukun angrily criticized Pan Changjiang, Wu Jing, Jay Chou, Zhang Jie and other events, which caused an uproar on the Internet. The atrocity of the event is just shocking. Not only that, they also insulted Zhang Guorong, who had passed away. For these things, the fans themselves did it. I don't know whether the intentional people estimated that they would discredit Cai Xukun or those fans would find something for CAI Xukun. In a word, they have been doing it all the time Recruit Cai Xukun.

I must have heard something about it, but he has no way. He can't stop this phenomenon. These bad things emerge one after another, but Cai Xukun is not moved. He focuses on music and wants to prove himself with his strength. As a matter of fact, the previous events are also very helpless for him. It may be that the speed of becoming famous is too fast, and some people can't see it any more, so they can only resort to such despicable means.

Cai Xukun has always been silent about black powder's abuse. When these people see that CAI Xukun has not responded, they are more rampant. Cai Xukun finally began to fight back. He had something to say about the studio being hacked. Recently, Cai Xukun's studio made a response, in which he sternly stated that he had collected evidence from various platforms to discredit him, and would use legal weapons to protect Cai Xukun's legitimate rights and interests.

Cai Xukun has become famous less than a year after his debut. He says that some people don't envy him. It's false and there are many people who are popular. It's CAI Xukun who is famous too much. But his debut time is short and causes some people's eyes to blush. His psychological state of hating the rich makes these people do a lot of irrational behaviors. But now Cai Xukun has given his response and counterattack I think the black fans will be more comfortable with this statement. The happiest is Cai Xukun's fan group, which must have cheered for a long time?

Why does Cai Xukun ridicule the whole network

The first reason may be that the number of fans of CAI Xukun is relatively large, and the quality of fans is also uneven. It is very likely that some brain powder's incorrect language or some incorrect behavior will lead to the recruitment of CAI Xukun. For example, the earlier Cai Xukun and Pan Changjiang events were due to Pan Changjiang's lack of knowledge of Cai Xukun in the program, which resulted in many fans' Tucao and even make complaints about it.

In fact, as an older generation of artists, it's quite normal that Pan Changjiang doesn't know Cai Xukun, but because of this, he is attacked by fans, and it's inevitable that some of them go too far. So on the Internet, people are divided into two groups, one is to blame Pan Changjiang for not knowing Cai Xukun's brain powder, the other is black Cai Xukun's black powder. In fact, if you are really good for your idol, you must respect others' opinions on your idol, especially the elders in the entertainment industry.

The second reason is probably because of CAI Xukun's personal image. You may also find that every time Cai Xukun appears in the public view, he almost always appears in heavy makeup. In fact, for most people, his ideas are relatively traditional. Many people may think that only girls will wear heavy makeup, and there is nothing inappropriate about women's heavy makeup. But Cai Xukun often appears in heavy makeup, and is often questioned by netizens as a woman, so it is inevitable to recruit black people.

The third reason may be that CAI Xukun has too much traffic. Now the entertainment industry can be said to be in an era of traffic supremacy, and some netizens are those who are red and black. Cai Xukun has always been at the top of the entertainment industry in terms of popularity and traffic since his debut. Therefore, it is normal for many people to be envious and jealous, which leads to more and more black fans.