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What is the flower language of Photinia? What's the smell of heather

It's the season of Photinia blooming again. I believe people passing by the Photinia trees can smell it. Photinia has a special smell, which is not very good, but it can be seen everywhere in Wuhan. So what's the smell of Photinia?

What's the smell of heather

The original name of Photinia is' Shinan ', which was recorded as early as in the famous doctor's records in the late Han Dynasty, and it is listed as the' inferior product 'in Materia Medica. According to Li Shizhen's explanation, this plant is called "Shinan" because it is' born in the sunny place between the stones'. If what Li Shizhen said is correct, then in terms of word formation, 'Shinan' is a very different plant name. It uses a location word phrase related to the characteristics of this plant to refer to it, just like 'before Ming Dynasty' refers to the tea picked before Ming Dynasty, and 'Your Majesty' refers to the person (emperor) who speaks to the waiter under the palace steps.

The young leaves of Photinia fraxina can keep red for a long time in spring.

The smell of Photinia has never been noticed before. In fact, many plant flowers have similar strong smell, such as Ligustrum lucidum flowers. The strong smell may also be associated with the 'stimulating' semen smell (oh, it should be the smell exactly). In fact, there is a kind of plant whose flower smell is very similar to that of semen, and that is chestnut. Once on a field trip, it happened that chestnut blossomed, and there were chestnut trees around the camp, so it was surrounded by this smell for about a month. In many materials about reproductive health, it is described as' the semen of a normal man smells of Chestnut '. I think it should be described in the flora that flowers smell like semen. As for whether these two kinds of odors are related in composition, there is no good news at present

The scientists analyzed it in detail. According to the report, the flavor of semen comes from the oxidation products of arginine, while the characteristic flavor of chestnut comes from nonanal compounds. It's a coincidence that they taste the same.

As for Photinia, there are no exact reports on odor analysis and pollination biology.

What is the flower language of Photinia

Photinia flower language: lonely, dignified, solemn and tasteless

White Photinia: persistence, protection, wish come true

Lilac Photinia: appreciation, loneliness

Yellow Photinia: Celebration

Heather: loneliness, betrayal of love

Photinia has purple leaves in early spring, white flowers in late spring, and red fruits in autumn. It is a famous garden greening tree species, which is resistant to smoke and toxic gases, and has sound insulation function.

Its leaves and roots can be used as medicine. It is usually used as rootstock for grafting loquat in southern China.

Nitin, a famous university town and tourist city on the South Island of New Zealand, is also a famous university town and tourist city. It is located on the southeast coast of the South Island. It has rich culture, solemn architecture, rich museums, art galleries and beautiful parks. However, Nitin is famous for its Photinia flowers. Every year, in the spring of October, Photinia flowers will bloom all over the city and gardens, with infinite fragrance. Therefore, in the late October of every year, the 'Photinia Festival' will be held here.

Is Photinia poisonous

The peculiar smell of Photinia is due to the oxidation of arginine. The flower of Photinia is not poisonous. The pungent smell of flowers is mainly to attract insects to pollinate, which is also for the breeding of trees. The smell of Photinia is not harmful to human body. It is suitable for the growth of Photinia serrulata. As a kind of tree with beautiful flowers, Photinia has always been popular.

Photinia can not only purify the air, but also improve the environment. It has certain resistance to smoke and toxic gases. It is an indispensable part of urban greening.

The most important feature of Photinia is its taste at flowering stage. The city's Shi Nanhua city landscape and greening plants often make complaints about the smell of human semen, but it is not harmful to humans.