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What happened to the first batch of 5g mobile phones in place? Which mobile phone brands support 5g?

What is the first batch of 5g mobile phones in place? Which brands are the first batch of 5g mobile phones? How much is the first batch of 5g mobile phones? On April 17, China Unicom announced that the first batch of cooperative 5g mobile phones used by China Unicom for 5g friendly experience are all in place, and the public will officially have 'zero distance contact' with 5g mobile phones for the first time.

under the 5g network, China Unicom and oppo have achieved the current fastest connection speed of more than 1300mbps by using their latest flagship oppo Reno 5g mobile phone. It takes only 6 seconds to download a 1GB high-definition movie, which shows the advantages of 5g 'large bandwidth, high speed and low delay'.

It is reported that the first batch of 5g friendly experience terminals of China Unicom have 12 brands, including 15 5g mobile phones and 5g CPE devices, including oppo, vivo, Huawei, Xiaomi, ZTE, Nubia and other brands, and will be provided to agents, innovative developers and the public for experience.

At present, China Unicom has deployed and built 5g network in 17 key cities in China, and carried out large-scale network experiments. On February 14 this year, the first batch of China Unicom 5g smart phone testing machine was officially delivered, marking the accelerated landing of China Unicom 5g business.

This time, Unicom officially announced six mobile phone terminals, five industry terminals and four module products at one time. Users will also truly feel and experience the actual use effect of the first batch of 5g terminals of China Unicom.