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How do you register WeChat official account? What is WeChat's official account registration?

If we want to have a public platform for ourselves, and more conveniently publish our articles, or if we are companies that want to better and more conveniently display their corporate identity and serve the society, how can individuals register WeChat official account? What about WeChat's official account registration? Let's take a look at the details.

Methods / steps:

Open the computer, search the official account of WeChat public platform platform, find the corresponding web site link in the picture, click open.

Click the login box to register immediately. It is suggested that you can also scan the QR code to facilitate the application on your mobile phone.

After entering, we will see the selection of corresponding types. You can choose the type suitable for you to register. Is it the type of enterprise or organization that needs to be registered, or the type of individual. For personal type, only subscription number can be selected.

Let's take the subscription number as an example and click in. Fill in the mailbox as a login account, you should pay attention to the normal use of your mailbox. After activating the mailbox, open the mailbox and fill in the verification code. Fill in the password. The password requires numbers, letters or English symbols. After confirming the password, read the agreement. In order to clear it, don't be lazy and read it carefully. Check confirm after reading.

At this time, the page will ask us to open wechat scan to confirm our identity. After opening wechat, click the three points in the upper right corner, and there is a scan in the drop-down box. Scan the code on the computer screen and confirm.

After confirmation, the page immediately shows the confirmation of the success, then fill in the name of the official account. The next step will indicate the need for identity authentication. At this time, it is necessary to take out an ID card and take a picture with the ID card. It is better to get someone to take a photo. All the characters on the ID card must be clearly illuminated, including the arm of the identity witness. Pay attention to the name, the subscription number should not be too involved in the name of the professional class, otherwise it is difficult to pass. Because I have registered for this step, there is no way to open the screenshot again.

Fill in the official account number, try to be concise and complete, and introduce the role of the official account. When the registration is completed, the name is passed, and the official account will send you a message on WeChat. Every time WeChat official account platform is scanned, WeChat will scan the two-dimensional code.