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How to delete the video of circle of friends? Introduction to the steps of deleting video in circle

After upgrading the wechat version, many people can't find the option to delete the video at the time of release. The option of deleting video at any time is not indicated directly, which is really hard to find. Next, let's take a look at how to delete the video of circle of friends? Circle of friends moment video deletion steps to understand.

Methods / steps:

After unlocking the mobile phone and entering the wechat application, we can select 'I' below to enter the personal center interface.

After clicking to enter, we select the 'photo album' option in the page to enter, as shown in the figure below.

After entering, the default is to select the circle of friends photo, we click the 'moment video' above to switch to the video interface.

After clicking, today's moment video will be displayed on the page. We click to enter the video.

After entering, if multiple moments of video are released on the same day, you can slide left and right to find the video to be deleted. After finding it, long press the video interface.

After long press on the video, a window will pop up at the bottom of the page. Let's click the 'delete video' option at the bottom.

Click delete, the page will pop up to confirm the deletion of the dialog box, we click again to confirm the deletion, you can delete their own time video. After deletion, it cannot be restored.