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Is it OK to visit Lijiang on May Day? May day trip to Lijiang

Lijiang is a popular tourist city. Many people want to go to Lijiang to experience the unique local conditions and customs there. Is it OK to go to Lijiang on May Day? How much does it cost to go to Lijiang during May Day this year? Friends who want to know can have a look at this Lijiang tour strategy compiled by Xiaobian.

How much to Lijiang on May 1, 2019

May day Lijiang tourism

First of all, we need to start with the transportation expenses. If we travel from Chongqing to Lijiang by air, it's usually about 1000 yuan in the off-season, and it's more than doubled in the peak season. To visit the ancient city of Lijiang, Shuhe ancient town and Yulong Snow Mountain are all around. It's better to spend about four days in total. The accommodation is about 1000 yuan. In addition, the price of tickets and local transportation costs is about 500 yuan. If you travel in off-season, the cost should be about 3000 yuan. It's about 4000 yuan in peak season.

Scenic spots, Lijiang ancient city does not need tickets, but Shuhe ancient town has a charge (50 yuan), you can also be taken by the local people (10-15 yuan); simply to Lashihai, the fare is 5 yuan, in addition, riding a horse, ranging from 100-500 yuan (not recommended to ride alone), you can find an outdoor club to walk down the tea horse road (about 280 yuan), more formal;

Meili Snow Mountain 4-day tour, the current market price range from 450 yuan to 980 yuan, 450-550 Yuan line belongs to the regular group, the number of more than 20 people, shopping, quality is not guaranteed, belongs to poor quality group, more chaotic; 650-750 Yuan line and the last one is no difference, but the pure play group, the number of about 17 people, service is better than the previous one;

950 yuan - 980 yuan line is a loop line (not the original way back), the number of people is less than 12, no matter from the train number, accommodation, service and other aspects are very good, belongs to the VIP group, quality group, is also the most people, play the best route.

If you like outdoor sports, you can take a 2-day hike of Zhonghu jump. It's a classic route that was first taken by foreign outdoor enthusiasts. It may be a little tired, but the mountains are high and the best scenery often appears in places where people are rarely seen;

Another option is to walk separately for four days. The routes of one-day tour are: one day of tiger jumping (100 yuan), one day of walking (260 yuan), one day of Yulong Snow Mountain (420-500 yuan); one day tour of tea horse ancient road (280 yuan, the most chaotic route, the regular route is at this price. In addition, there is a random price of 80-400 yuan, so there is a lot of room for operation);

May day Lijiang tourism strategy

2-day routes: Shangri La 2-day Tour (at present, there are 3 routes, Tianshengqiao - the latest and best one, Pudacuo National Park - conventional route, greatly affected by the season, shika snow mountain - premise, good weather, cloudless, otherwise, the ornamental will be greatly reduced, the price is 580-660 yuan); zhonghutiao 2-day Tour (480 yuan), 3-day tour around Lugu Lake 3-day Tour (680 yuan)

In addition, there is a more tired route - Meili rain collapse six days, more tired, three days to walk or ride 80 kilometers, outdoor boutique, eco-tourism;

Lijiang may day house prices will certainly rise, but you can recommend one: Mujia Garden Inn. This house seldom adjusts its price in peak season or off-season. The price is 120-150 yuan, a standard room or a big bed room, but only for reference!

If you travel to Lijiang with a tour group in the off-season, the tour fee can even be as low as 800 yuan, but you will enter some shopping malls.

Specific consumption reference:

The things in the old city of Lijiang are more expensive, but the consumption level of the new city outside the old city and other scenic spots outside Lijiang is relatively low.

Attractions: 15-100 yuan

Catering: Take Lijiang ancient city as an example, there are not only 10 + / bowl rice noodles with economic price, but also 100 + double set meals in boutique restaurants. The consumption of bars and cafes is the same as that of the first tier cities.

Accommodation: the average price of three-star and four-star hotels is 200-350 yuan.

Transportation: it costs 80-120 yuan to take a taxi from the airport to Lijiang City, and 600-700 yuan to charter a taxi from Lijiang ancient city to Lugu Lake.

May day Lijiang food, housing and transportation strategy

May day Lijiang tourism


Lijiang Maca:

Maca is not only a nutritious food, but also a herb with many magical effects.

It is also one of the top ten best-selling health care products in the world

Lijiang steamed chicken

Steamed chicken is one of the famous dishes in Yunnan. It was popular among the people in southern Yunnan more than 2000 years ago.

Lijiang Baba:

Naxi people have created many kinds of food in their long-term life,

Among them, Lijiang Baba is especially famous in western Yunnan, known as' Lijiang Baba Heqing wine '.

Chicken bean jelly:

Chicken bean cold noodle is a kind of cold noodle snack made from chicken bean (also known as' chicken Pea ') ground and filtered slurry from Lijiang


There are many inns in Lijiang ancient city. Every street is an inn. The price is also quite good. In a word, the environment of accommodation must be directly proportional to the price in Lijiang. Therefore, it is not recommended to bargain over accommodation. Most people will definitely book online in advance. There are many paths in the ancient city. People with a bad sense of direction can contact the hotel in advance. Some hotels have pick-up service. No pick-up, you can also choose to book a service online, the price is 68-100.

Of course, you can not live in the ancient city, because driving is not allowed in the ancient city. It's very hard to go in and find the inn with your luggage. Xiaobian recommends living outside the ancient city, just a road away from the ancient city. The ancient city in the daytime is quiet and leisurely. If the weather is good, you can see Yulong Snow Mountain.

that 's ok:

Plane: there are still many cities flying directly to Lijiang. If there is no direct flight to Lijiang, you can choose to fly to Kunming and transfer to Lijiang. If time is free enough, holidays can be avoided. The air tickets to Lijiang from most places in China are less than 400. Relatively speaking, the air ticket is very cost-effective.

Train: there are many trains from Kunming to Lijiang. It is recommended to take the bus at night and sleep for one night. The price of sleeper is about 150.

Now the train from Kunming to Lijiang has also started. Lijiang is about three hours away. The ticket price is about 190-200. It is suggested to book the train in advance. Especially on holidays.

Bus: choose Kunming (Western passenger station) at night and arrive at Lijiang in the morning. The fare is about 190.