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What are the fire-fighting measures for the Forbidden City? How to keep the palace museum free from

On the evening of April 15, local time, a fire broke out in Notre Dame, which has a history of more than 800 years. In the light of the fire, the spire collapsed and the building was seriously damaged! Many people thought of the fire prevention measures of the Forbidden City for the first time. In contrast, the Forbidden City really took precautions!

Countless French people kneel down at night to pray, but the merciless fire has destroyed the rose window handed down from generation to generation, and the brilliant civilization of mankind has been missing since then. Some people say that Quasimodo lost his beloved girl, and finally, he lost his beloved Bell Tower & hellip; & hellip;

Coincidentally, on the evening of September 2, 2018 local time, a fire broke out at the National Museum in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Only 10% of the precious collections survived, and countless ancient Egyptian, Greek and Roman cultural relics, as well as cultural relics and works of art of different ages of many ethnic groups in Latin America were destroyed;

Precious historical buildings are mostly brick and wood structures. How to prevent fire? How to put out fire? We must ring the bell to protect ancient buildings, so that more human civilization remains will not be destroyed by fire.

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Fire prevention of ancient buildings: the secret of this 600 year old royal palace

The cause of the fire at Notre Dame is still under investigation, but the cause of the fire at the National Museum of Brazil is that the museum is short of money, the buildings are in disrepair, and there is no fire protection system in the museum.

The tragedy of Brazil's National Museum is very painful. More than 18000 kilometers away from Brazil, there is the world's largest wooden palace complex, the Forbidden City, which has set a record of no fire for 49 years.

In addition to the wisdom of the ancients, it is also inseparable from the protection of the Palace Museum's gatekeeper.

One of the secrets of fire prevention in the Forbidden City

In the Forbidden City, underground fire hydrants and fire equipment boxes can be seen everywhere. In the exhibition hall, this kind of iron box with two fire extinguishers can be seen every few steps.

There are more than 20 such fire extinguishers in one exhibition hall.

In order to protect the cultural relics, the museum can not be equipped with a sprinkler system, and can only rely on manual fire fighting. At the critical moment, every staff member of the palace museum can become a fireman.

In case of fire, our staff here are the first disposal force. '

In addition, the Forbidden City also implements grid management, dividing the Forbidden City into eight areas, and each person in charge of security is responsible for one area. Every day, fire safety inspection is carried out in his own area.

Secrets of fire prevention in the Forbidden City

The high-pressure water supply network built by the Palace Museum ensures that there is water in the fire pipe at any time and can be used at any time.

There are 94 underground fire hydrants, 4866 fire-fighting appliances and 55 fire-fighting plans.

Secrets of fire prevention in the Forbidden City

In addition, the Palace Museum has a top fireman - the Palace Museum fire squadron.

In 1970, Premier Zhou ordered a fire brigade from Fuyou street to enter the Palace Museum. They patrol the Palace Museum at 8 o'clock every day and regularly maintain the fire hydrants in the Palace Museum. In spring, they help to weed the eaves of the Forbidden City. In summer, they water the vats of the Forbidden City. In autumn, they sweep the fallen leaves. In winter, they chisel the ice in the moat to get water.

'no war is the best. After 49 years of ups and downs, behind the Forbidden City are the silent guardians of these unknown heroes.

In 2016, the 91st anniversary of the founding of the Palace Museum was celebrated by organizing the largest fire drill since its founding.

The sense of fire prevention in the Forbidden City is really strong!

Once the Forbidden City is on fire, its 600 year history will be destroyed. "The rest of China's cultural relics can't be lost or destroyed."!

Now, there are three points for fire prevention of modern and ancient buildings

First, awareness is in place

1. Strengthen fire safety education, improve fire safety awareness, enhance the consciousness and effectiveness of fire prevention;

2. Organize special personnel to carry out fire inspection and strengthen fire safety management;

3. Equipped with fire-fighting facilities and equipment.

Second, manage the fire

1. No smoking;

2. Instead of burning incense, wax and oil lamps in the hall, incense burner kiosks should be set up in the safe area outside the hall. Special personnel should be assigned to take care of them and put out the fire when they are away from the hall. Residual candle branches and incense heads should be cleaned up every day, and timely safety treatment should be carried out;

3. It is forbidden to bring open fire into the hall. Please burn incense and wax outside the hall.

Third, manage electricity well

1. The wires in the warehouse and exhibition room should be protected through pipes;

2. Incandescent light bulbs of less than 60 watts shall be used for lighting;

3. In ancient buildings, where electricity is used for lighting, a switch box shall be installed outdoors to ensure that power is cut off when people walk;

4. It is strictly forbidden to use copper wire, iron wire, aluminum wire and other metal instead of fuse; 5. Lighting facilities should be far away from combustible and flammable materials.