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Is Mrs. tiktok not rich in fish for two generations? Is it a kind of grass lady who doesn't eat fish

Mrs. Lolita did not eat fish. Many of her skirts were very popular. Many netizens looked for the same money and bought the same money. So some people said that Mrs. tiktok did not eat fish. So, does the little sister who doesn't eat fish belong to the second generation of the rich? After all, there are thousands of Lolita's clothes. Let's get to know them.

"Grass growing Ji" refers to the grass growing in Lolita circle. It is similar to the nature of the spokesperson of the promoter, but it is more obscure. After a person wears it, others will see it and think it looks good. It means that he has planted grass, and he has bought clothes of the same brand and style to plant grass successfully. This person is called "plant grass girl".

Mrs. tiktok doesn't eat fish. 3000, how does the promotion cost?

Some netizens exposed the trembling sound, and tiktok did not eat fish to take the promotion of merchants, and the promotion cost was as high as 3000 yuan, so Mrs. Lolita could not have fish to have many dresses to shoot video. Many people are concerned that Mrs. tiktok doesn't eat fish because of her super video. Mrs. Li doesn't eat fish. Her little sister changed Lolita's clothing of various sizes and sizes, shocked dozens of friends.

For planting grass Ji and then promotion, there are netizens posted a chat dialogue, suspected to confirm that his wife does not eat fish then promotion rumors.

People who are familiar with Lolita know that the price of a skirt is not cheap, not to mention that there are dozens of skirts for my wife who doesn't eat fish. After all, they have a budget of at least 100000. If it's not for the rich second generation, they really can't afford such expenses. No wonder they all say 'ten laurels, nine are rich, and one is especially rich'.

And the wife does not eat fish and there is no so-called rich second-generation family said, he is also an office worker, so caused netizens doubt. More netizens speculated that his wife did not eat fish is to buy a skirt to try on, after shooting the video, choose to return, in order to achieve their own goal.

Later, his wife did not eat fish in the microblog made a public response, but also refuted the speculation of netizens in the comment area. The lady doesn't eat fish, which means that she bought all the skirts with her own salary. At first, she did spend tens of thousands of yuan, but there is no case of return after trying them on. In addition, some people find out that his wife doesn't eat fish and works in Alibaba, so his salary should be not low. He can make money to buy clothes, no problem!

Moreover, tiktok is also a common thing. Planting grass is a matter entirely based on one's own will. When you see that you like it, plant it. If you don't like it, just row it. There's no need to slander her because of one's own will. Don't be a lemon essence!