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How to pickle sweet and sour cucumbers

Cucumber is a delicious vegetable. It is a rare delicacy in summer. It tastes cool and has the effect of beauty. How to make pickled cucumbers delicious? Pickled cucumbers are very popular with the majority of food friends, taste good appetizer, pickled cucumbers also have the role of beauty and weight loss. Today we'll talk about how to pickle cucumbers.

Method 1: dry the surface water of the cleaned cucumber, cut it into strips about the thickness of the little thumb, sprinkle 1-2 spoons of salt on it, mix it evenly, marinate it for 5-6 hours, press it with a heavy weight, squeeze out the water, put it on the table, put a large basin of water on it, and the water of the cucumber will come out. After pressing out the water, the cucumber can be tasted to see if it is salty and cleaned properly. Then put the soy sauce, white vinegar and sugar in the same container, add garlic, ginger and pickled peppers until the sugar melts completely, and marinate for about 5 hours. Pickle the way to often stir, let cucumber even contact with the sauce. Repeat this step for two or three times, and finally put the cucumber into the glass fresh-keeping box and into the refrigerator.

Method 2: cut the cucumber and carrot into strips, put the salt into them and stir them to make the cucumber fully absorb the salt, and then marinate them for a period of time to make the internal water of the cucumber come out. Add some sugar to a large bowl of soy sauce. Bring both to the boil and let cool thoroughly. Add a little liquor, monosodium glutamate and other seasonings to the cold sauce soup, and then put in cucumber, ginger, garlic and pepper to marinate.

Follow the above steps step by step. The pickled cucumber made in this way is not only delicious, but also of high nutritional value. It's worth learning that such family dishes are often prepared. Of course, the same method can be used to marinate other common dishes, such as carrot sticks, ginger, etc. I hope you can benefit from it.