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How much is the health permit? How about the process of food and beverage hygiene license

In the physical operation, the catering industry has become a choice for many people to invest and open stores. If you want to invest in the catering industry, it is an essential step to apply for a health license, which has become a problem for many people who want to enter the catering industry. Then, how much is the health license? What's the process of food hygiene license? Let's have a look.

Process of health license processing:

1. The applicant shall apply to the local health administrative department according to the legal procedures and requirements, and may entrust an agent to apply, but shall provide the certificate of entrustment. The applicant shall truthfully submit the relevant materials to the administrative department of health, be responsible for the authenticity of the application materials, and bear the corresponding legal liabilities.

Process of health license processing:

2. When receiving the application, the health administrative department should check whether the application items need permission and whether the application materials are complete, and deal with them respectively according to the situation: not accept, correct on the spot, supplement and correct the application materials, accept. Before the decision on administrative license for public health is made, if the applicant requests to withdraw the application, it may do so.

3. Review stage. After accepting the application, the administrative department of health shall examine the application materials submitted by the applicant. Due to different legal requirements, there are different ways to examine the application materials.

4. Hearing stage. It should be pointed out that this stage is not a necessary step for every kind of Health permission. Only for the matters that should be heard in the implementation of the health administrative license according to the law, or the matters that the health administrative department thinks need to be heard, the health administrative department shall announce to the public and hold a hearing before making the decision on the health administrative license.

5. After examination, those who meet the requirements shall make the decision of health administrative license within the legal time limit, and those who need to issue health administrative license according to law shall issue the health administrative license with the seal of the health administrative department to the applicant. If it fails to meet the requirements, it shall make a written decision not to grant the health administrative license, explain the reasons, and inform the applicant of the right to apply for administrative reconsideration or bring an administrative lawsuit according to law.

How much is the health permit?

1. Application fee: 30 yuan. 2. Health license audit: no charge. 3. Fees related to industrial and commercial license: 23 yuan. 4. Organization code certificate: 108 yuan. 5. Engraving: 300 yuan.