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Can eat Hawthorn appetizer? Is stomach bad still can eat Hawthorn

Hawthorn tea is mainly made of hawthorn and tea. Hawthorn in hawthorn tea contains a variety of vitamins, hawthorn acid, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, etc. So can eat Hawthorn appetizer? If the stomach is not good, can eat Hawthorn?

Can eat Hawthorn appetizer

Eat Hawthorn can invigorate the spleen, appetizer, but also promote digestion

Because Hawthorn contains a lot of vitamin C and acid substances, not only can promote the secretion of gastric juice, but also increase gastric digestive enzymes, thus promoting digestion.

Can stomach eat Hawthorn

People with a bad stomach can't eat hawthorn

Hawthorn acid can indirectly promote the secretion of gastric juice, thereby promoting the metabolism of the body, consumption of fat. In fact, excessive secretion of gastric juice will only make us feel burning and hunger. If we don't eat or drink, it will lead to gastric acid digestion and gastric mucosa perforation for a long time. Too much acid in the stomach can not promote metabolism. At the same time, the metabolism is improved, and the consumption is not only fat. Because the high content of organic acids in hawthorn, will aggravate the symptoms of pantothenic acid, so there are gastric ulcer, duodenal ulcer, gastric acid too many people, it is best not to eat hawthorn on an empty stomach, so as not to stimulate the stomach.

Can Hawthorn really lose weight

People who want to lose weight should not eat hawthorn

It is said that the lipase in Hawthorn can quickly decompose and consume the fat, and then promote the digestion of fatty food in the body, effectively depleting the fat in the body. In addition, hawthorn is also rich in flavonoids, lactones and other substances, these substances can also promote the secretion of gastric juice and increase the digestive function of gastric enzymes, so as to promote the metabolism speed in the body, consume the excess fat in the body, so as to achieve the goal of good weight loss.

But have you noticed that Hawthorn has a good appetizer function, while reducing weight, eating Hawthorn will improve appetite, but increase the amount of food, eat more, this is to lose weight, the result is fattening. And previously said that Hawthorn in the lipase can make the body fat consumption quickly. But first of all, the vast majority of enzymes belong to proteins, and the vast majority of proteins can not be directly absorbed by the human body. Hawthorn in the lipase is a macromolecular protein, in the digestive system will be digested into a variety of amino acids, can be absorbed by the human body. Therefore, hawthorn in the lipase can not consume fat in the body, how to lose weight.