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What's the reason for Wang Sicong's love? The origin and source of Wang Sicong's love head

Wang Sicong's love head, as the name suggests, is the meaning of Wang Sicong's lovers' head portrait. Why can Wang Sicong's lovers' head portrait be hot searched? Before he ate hot dog, this time he ate corn, Wang Sicong simply brought his own hot search constitution.

It's going to start from the previous story. When Wang Sicong first played in the League of heroes world game, the picture of Wang Sicong eating a hot dog caught fire. Yesterday, Wang Sicong eating corn in the semi-final of the League of heroes spring game was captured again, so the portrait of Wang Sicong eating corn and the portrait of Wang Sicong eating a hot dog became the portrait of a couple.

Netizens said that they don't know what the headmaster will eat next time, and they are looking forward to the promotion of affection into family photo.