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Second hand housing transfer intermediary fee how to pay? Second hand housing sales transfer process

Now house prices continue to rise, so there are many people are more in favor of affordable second-hand housing, but there are many people for the transfer process of second-hand housing is not very understanding, so in the process will be more troublesome, then how to pay the intermediary fee of second-hand housing transfer? How about the transfer process of second-hand housing sales? Let's have a look.

Second hand housing transaction transfer process:

1. Check the owner's house property certificate carefully, and pay attention to the signature of several people on the house property certificate. If there are two people, they need to have their names when signing the subsequent contract; secondly, they need to see the relevant credentials when buying a house, such as the purchase invoice and deed tax invoice, as auxiliary evidence to preliminarily confirm the ownership of the house. Secondly, as a buyer, we should carefully check the status quo of the house to determine the integrity and safety of the house; as a seller, we need to introduce the status quo of the house to the buyer in detail, so we can't cheat.

2. Optimistic about the house, to determine the property rights of the house, the deposit is a matter of course. But don't ignore this small link. There is a knack for making a deposit. The house often costs millions, and the amount of deposit calculated by 5% can reach 50000 yuan. Therefore, when the transaction goes to this stage, please pay more attention and make sure that everything has been done before signing the contract.

3. After paying the deposit and signing the contract, you need to go to the property right registration center where the real estate is located to handle the transfer procedures. After the transfer is completed, it will be OK.

Second hand housing intermediary fee is how much?

The intermediary fee of the second-hand house is the service fee paid to the intermediary when the second-hand house transaction is carried out through the housing intermediary company. The intermediary fee of the general house is 1% - 2% of the transaction price of the house. Both the seller and the buyer need to pay the intermediary. There is no uniform written regulation on intermediary service fee, which is generally charged according to the custom of the industry.

Second hand housing agency fees are generally collected by a third party, such as an intermediary company, rather than paid to the landlord, unless he is not the real landlord. Intermediary fee is generally a one-time charge, but we should pay attention to claim after payment. There are no written regulations on the collection of intermediary fees in second-hand houses, so we should be careful when paying.

In the process of payment, we should avoid the price difference, so as to make transparent transactions after the three parties meet; if we don't meet, we should also look at the principal-agent contract; before payment, we should check the relevant documents to identify the true and false housing supply, and don't let the intermediary company represent the two parties, or understand the information from multiple parties to ensure their own interests.

The above is all the knowledge about the transfer process of second-hand housing sales and the intermediary fee of second-hand housing. The intermediary fee of second-hand housing is a kind of service fee paid to the housing intermediary in the process of second-hand housing transaction, including some matters needing attention in paying the intermediary fee. I hope the above articles can help you.