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Let's take a look at the four elements of the great gods

Fulian 4 has been sold in advance. I believe many friends have already bought tickets. After all, there is no place for them now. Although it's still a while before the release of Fu Lian 4, we've been happily guessing and analyzing the plot of Fu Lian 4. Let's take a look at the analysis of the great gods with Xiaobian!

How about the plot of Fu Lian 4

In an interview with Yahoo, Douban shared two endings when shooting "Fulian 3". One is that he turned grey, the other is that he survived. He didn't know the fate of his character until he saw the film. And "Fu Lian 4" shot five versions this time, in order to prevent the spoiler, marvel is too hard!

As the most strict anti spoiler crew in history, Marvel's annual blockbuster "Avengers 4: the end game" has reached the stage of "madness"! Recently, mark Ruffalo, the spoiler man, said of the film: "I've made almost five different endings, and I can't even get the complete script. I don't know why. The script I got actually had false scenes. Even the American team played by Chris Evans got married & hellip; & hellip; 'after all, the spoiler, so uncle mark can't know which is the real ending.

Not only that, he also revealed that he made two versions of the ending of Avengers 3: Infinite War, one of which was that he died, and the other was that he survived. "I didn't see that he survived until the movie was released. '

So why did the first generation A6 survive? Director Russell brothers responded: "we can only tell you that there must be a reason why the first generation all survived. '

Even the actors themselves have never seen the film, so has anyone else seen it? Director Joe Russell said: 'we haven't told anyone that actually someone has seen the film. After all, we have a lot of technicians to make the ending, and hundreds of people have seen the film. '

Anthony & middot; Russell added: 'but more importantly, we don't want to be a spoiler with anyone. We prefer the process of watching movies in cinemas. As the film is unveiled, you can feel it. We also want to feel what we think. '

Plot prediction of Fulian 4

The film Avengers 3 has already come to an end. In the scene of many superheroes falling down, the fans are sad and have expectations for Fu Lian 4. They hope that they can all return in Fu Lian 4. They also keep paying close attention to the trend of marvel and predict the general plot of Fu Lian 4 through some details revealed by marvel.

Although Kevin, the president of marvel, said: "those dead superheroes won't come back. If you can't accept this fact, you will have to face more grief later", which reminds us that the plot of Fu Lian 4 will be more tragic. However, according to Marvel's consistent trend, we can be sure that Kevin is cheating fans. No, the Dutch brother accidentally told the truth in an interaction with his fans: 'don't worry, those disappeared superheroes are not dead, they are just sent to another space, and they will all return at the end of Fu Lian 4. '

If Kevin is compared with his Dutch brother, the fans are still more willing to believe what he said. After all, the Dutch brother can't hide secrets. In addition, according to the stills of Fulian 4 exposed on the Internet, we are more willing to believe that what he said is the truth. There is a big God on the Internet who made some predictions based on his spoiler and stills of Fulian 4 Think of finally unexpectedly got manwei official confirmation.

According to the situation on the set, we can see that Tony iron man has white hair and a pair of instruments in his hand. It looks like the memory technology developed by Stark in Captain America: the civil war. According to these clips, Dashen predicts that Tony and ant man are going back to the past through the quantum field. By using the memory device technology, the past superheroes can see the iron man in the future To the memory of Infinite War, let them know the disaster in the future.

How can mieba be defeated

This netizen said that the most important thing is infinite gems. When they go back to the past, they want to take the first step to destroy hegemony, collect the infinite gems in the hands of past gem holders, and then go back to the future to join Raytheon, who went to dwarfs to make new infinite gloves. Then they let six infinite gems be inlaid on the new infinite gloves, and call back the "Dutch brother" who said that they were destroyed hegemony Superheroes and people teleporting to another space.

According to the latest poster released by marvel, while iron man goes back to the past, Captain Marvel leads the older generation of Avengers to resist the new attack of mieba, and the casualties are very heavy. It may be that when Captain Marvel is about to lose, iron man returns to the future in a critical moment, wearing the same infinite gloves as mieba, and changing the time line from another era The infinite gems brought by the parallel universe fight a decisive battle with mieba, defeat mieba and save the people.

Although the prediction of Dashen is not reasonable in some places, the main line is still very obvious, that is, to go back to the past and collect infinite gems, which I believe you can see. Just when people hold different attitudes towards this view, marvel officially broadcast a short film about Fulian 4 at the exhibition in Barcelona. After watching the short film, netizens said one after another: What a god! The prediction of the great God is so accurate!