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How can waxberry be preserved? What are the correct preservation methods of waxberry

It's almost the season for red bayberry to come on the market. Do you like the sweet and sour red bayberry? Although it's delicious, it's very difficult to keep it. Red bayberry can be stored in the refrigerator. The temperature in the cold room of the refrigerator is relatively low, which can have a certain preservation effect on red bayberry. In fact, there are many ways to preserve red bayberry. Let's learn about them.

Can red bayberry be put in the refrigerator

Myrica rubra can be stored in the refrigerator, and the refrigerator is the best destination for Myrica rubra.

Because the preservation period of red bayberry is relatively short, it is not suitable for preservation, and the temperature in the refrigerator is relatively low, which can play a certain preservation effect on red bayberry.

Fresh preserved bayberry can be refrigerated in a refrigerator with a relative humidity of 85% - 90%. If the refrigerator can no longer protect the bayberry. It's not difficult to make red bayberry into wine and juice.

The key to the preservation of red bayberry is not to wash it first. The time of preservation after washing is greatly reduced and it will ferment quickly. Therefore, in order to prolong the preservation time of red bayberry, it is best to wash it when eating.

How to preserve red bayberry

Room temperature storage

Put the red bayberry in a small basket and put it in a well ventilated place for 1-3 days. However, the storage time of the red bayberry at room temperature is the shortest. If it turns sour when taken out for eating, it may have deteriorated and should not be eaten again.

Refrigerated method

Myrica rubra can be stored in a hollowed out box or basket in a refrigerator at 0-0.5 ℃ for 2-3 days with a relative humidity of 85% - 90%. In particular, it should not be cleaned before storage.

Frozen Bayberry

After cleaning the fresh red bayberry, add a small amount of salt water to rinse, remove the sour taste, and then soak it in the sugar water for a period of time, put it into the bag, seal it well and put it into the freezer of the refrigerator, preferably to freeze the red bayberry into ice.

Fresh keeping agent

The more professional way to keep waxberry fresh is to keep it fresh with preservative after precooling, bag it, squeeze out the air in the bag as far as possible, seal it well, put it in the basket, and then add an appropriate amount of ice bag or ice for preservation.

Make red bayberry wine

Bayberry Baijiu Baijiu is relatively short, and it is a good choice to make bayberry wine. The liquor made of bayberry wine can be washed with boiling water or rice wine. The wine can be dried and dried without soaking the wine.

Dried Bayberry

If you don't need to keep the fresh fruit, you can make the dried red bayberry to keep it. The simple way is: put sugar and salt in the container, and put the red bayberry in, keep shaking the container, let each red bayberry stick as much salt and sugar as possible, and then put the red bayberry into the bag, buried in the soil, or directly sealed. After 20 days, take out the Red Bayberry and dry it in the sun.

Cleaning method of Myrica rubra

1. Put the red bayberry into a large wide mouth bowl, then pour in water to cover all the red bayberry, and then soak in the right amount of salt. Enough concentration of salt water can drive away the insects in Myrica rubra, and it can also kill bacteria. So how much salt is appropriate? If you pour in a liter of water, put at least two teaspoons of salt, and soak for 20-30 minutes. After soaking, rinse with clean water.

2. Prepare a fruit and vegetable cleaning machine, which can kill bacteria on Myrica rubra and degrade pesticides, convenient and fast.

3. The use of fruit and vegetable cleaning agent is also a good method for sterilization and pesticide removal. But fruit and vegetable cleaning agent will inevitably contain chemical components, so after use, be sure to use water to wash bayberry.

4. Soak the Myrica rubra in clean water, and then stir it in the same direction with the index finger. In this way, the dense material in the crevice of the Myrica rubra will run into the water. It should be noted that the stirring force should not be too large, nor disorderly stirring, otherwise it is easy to damage the waxberry skin, so it is not delicious.

5. Waxberry can also be washed with starch solution or baking soda. If you don't have either, you can also use flour solution instead. Soak all the waxberry in the flour solution, then stir it with your fingers, and the dirty things or big insects will come out. Then filter out the Red Bayberry and rinse it with clean water.