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How much is the wechat withdrawal fee? How to save the service charge by withdrawing the change on w

Now many people use wechat to transfer money and send red envelopes. The money is stored in wechat change. If they want to withdraw cash, they have to be charged a certain service fee. Do you know the service charge of wechat cash withdrawal? How to save the service charge of wechat cash withdrawal?

Wechat withdrawal service charge

Wechat has a free amount of 1000 yuan for small change withdrawal. If it exceeds the free withdrawal amount, a handling charge of 1 / 1000 of the withdrawal amount will be charged. If it never withdraws 2000 yuan, a handling charge of one yuan will be charged. If the free amount of 1000 yuan is used up, a handling charge of two yuan will be charged in advance of 2000 yuan.

According to the new regulations on wechat withdrawal in 2019, the specific wechat withdrawal service charge is: 0.1% of the withdrawal amount, and at least 0.1 yuan per transaction. Each user can get a free withdrawal limit of 1000 yuan. Individual users' wechat change withdrawal charge is not wechat payment's pursuit of revenue, but is used to pay the handling charges charged by banks.

How to save the service charge for wechat cash withdrawal

As long as all the money is transferred to the change account, and then 0.1 yuan is transferred from the change account to the change account each time. There is no service charge for withdrawing 0.1 yuan from the change account. It's just that 1 yuan has to be operated 10 times, and 10000 yuan is 100000 times. It's too complicated.

In addition, because wechat forbids illegal cash out, and there are strict regulations on the transfer out and withdrawal of wechat change, it is very difficult to exempt the wechat withdrawal fee now. However, it is suggested that we should not carry out illegal cash out operation, which may lead to seizure.