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What kind of underwear is suitable for wedding photos? What are the taboos for brides to wear underw

Taking wedding photos actually requires a lot of underwear. The color of wedding dress is light, and generally wedding dress belongs to the off shoulder style of dress type. If the underwear is not selected properly, it will be a very embarrassing situation. So what underwear is suitable for wedding photos? Let's see which underwear is suitable for wedding photos.

What kind of underwear is suitable for wedding photos

1. Strapless underwear

Some wedding dress itself is off the shoulder (bra wedding dress), is definitely not allowed to have a shoulder belt. Even if it is not off the shoulder wedding dress, you should be careful when wearing underwear. Because the common phenomenon of wearing underwear is that there are wrinkly marks on the shoulder, or the shoulder strap is displaced, which greatly affects the appearance. So don't wear underwear with shoulder straps. If your chest is good enough, simply do not wear underwear, directly wrapped in a layer of wrapped chest, the effect will be better.

2. Body shaping underwear

If the bride chooses the wedding dress of A-line skirt, then the requirements for underwear will be very strict, and the chest is the most attractive place of A-line skirt. At this time, the bride had better prepare an adjustable underwear in advance, such as a gathered bra, which can gather the chest together and improve the chest line to create a sexy curve.

Of course, you can also choose the full-length body shaping underwear (with slim wedding dress), which is a combination of waistband, bust and trousers. It can modify the lines of the chest, waist and buttocks to make the curve more prominent. It is especially suitable for brides with average body lines. Nowadays, many brides like to wear slim wedding dress or one-piece slim dress, with one-piece shape adjusting underwear, which is a perfect match.

3. Breast patch (breast patch)

For some bare back dresses and deep V wedding dress styles, you can wear silicone paste when taking wedding photos. The advantage of silicone paste is that it will not affect the collocation of any clothes, and it can make the bride look more plump and moving. However, silicone paste is not suitable for every woman. Silicone paste is suitable for women with Fuller Breasts, and also has certain requirements for the breast shape. Silicone paste has some disadvantages, such as paste time is longer, some uncomfortable.

What are the taboos for brides to wear underwear

1. Don't wear dark and patterned underwear

The fabric of wedding dress is generally thin. If the bride wears a dark underwear, it is likely to go out, which greatly damages the beauty of the wedding dress. In addition, the complex pattern will also damage the thin and transparent fabric and light lines of the wedding dress itself. Therefore, it is suggested that the bride choose some light colored underwear without pattern.

2. Don't wear too tight underwear

Some brides want to have a more proud figure when taking wedding photos. They may choose a tight underwear, but if they are too tight, they will be hurt. On the day of shooting, you may be very tired. If you can't keep up with the food and water, you will not breathe smoothly and often need to rest, which will affect the shooting progress.

Take wedding photos, the bride's underwear is introduced here, do not wear dark underwear and patterns, of course, if you want to choose dark wedding dress, this can be another matter.