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How can lotus seeds be boiled quickly? Quick lotus seed cooking skills sharing

Lotus seeds to be boiled rotten, nutrition can be fully volatilized. But there is a problem that lotus seeds are not easy to cook, but in fact, there is a certain knack for cooking lotus seeds. Today Xiaobian will teach you how to cook lotus seeds quickly.

1、 Why can't lotus seeds be boiled

Lotus seeds are hard to cook because they are hard and have a layer of cutin on their epidermis, and they become thicker and thicker with the extension of storage time, so they are not easy to absorb water. In addition, the quality of lotus seeds may also be related to whether they can be boiled or not. If lotus seeds are old every other year, they are more likely to be boiled or not.

2、 The method of quick boiling of dried lotus seeds

1. Soak in hot alkaline water. The ratio of alkali to water is 10. After alkali dissolves, soak lotus seeds for about an hour. Knead lotus seeds by hand, the skin falls off, and then soak them in hot water. The flesh of lotus seeds expands and rots as soon as they are boiled.

Tip: one of the ways to make lotus seeds boil quickly is to soak them first, but the harder it is to soak them in cold water. In fact, the best way is to boil the water and put it directly into the water. After boiling for a few minutes, it will soon be rotten.

2. Put the lotus seeds in the freezer for one day. Before cooking, put the lotus seeds in the freezer for one day, and then take them out to cook. It's easy to rot. You don't need a pressure cooker to boil lotus seeds. Just boil them for 5 minutes, turn off the fire and put them on the stove to stew. When the pot is a little cold, open fire and boil them. Repeat for three times.

3. When the lotus seeds are cooked, they can't be boiled, which may be related to the sugar being put too early. Because the water in it has been resolved, the lotus seeds will naturally shrivel, leading to the failure of boiling, so it is better to put sugar after boiling. It's not just lotus seeds, it's also mung beans. If the sugar is put too early before cooking, it won't boil easily.

3、 How long can lotus seeds be cooked

If you just use an ordinary pot to cook, it usually takes more than 1-2 hours, but if you use a pressure cooker to cook, it will be fully cooked in 20 minutes to half an hour.

4、 Can you eat lotus seeds if they are not boiled

Can eat, will not be poisoned, rest assured to eat. However, the taste is not good, it is not easy to digest and absorb after eating.