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When will Fu Lian 4 be released in mainland China? Fu Lian 4's pre-sale box office exceeds 100 milli

The pre-sale of Fulian 4 has started, and the time is set for April 12. Now the tickets of the film are on sale. What about the box office? When will Fulian 4 be officially released in mainland China? Let's get to know.

According to the latest news, Marvel's Fulian 4 is about to be released in China. However, both at home and abroad, there has been a upsurge in pre-sale, and two tickets have been fired to 15000 US dollars abroad, which is enough to prove how enthusiastic consumers are about the film. However, according to the latest data of cat's eye box office, the domestic box office pre-sale has broken the record of 100 million.

"Avengers 4: the final battle" will be released in China (April 24), and this science fiction blockbuster has a high popularity in the world, and these popularity is also turning into the box office. Marvel pictures has officially launched the pre-sale of "Avengers 4: the final battle", which is known as the world's first zero show. With its high popularity, the box office of Marvel pictures has exceeded 100 million not long after the pre-sale. Moreover, it is hard to get one ticket on the day of the premiere, and the box office is also extremely high.

According to the data of cat's eye platform, "Avengers 4" pre-sale box office broke 100 million at 1:55 on the 11th day before its release, setting a record of 100 million in Chinese film history. "Avengers 4: the final battle" fans ceremony will be held in Shanghai Oriental Sports Center at 19:00 on April 18 (Thursday).

Robert Downey, Jr., Captain Chris Evans, Raytheon Chris Hemsworth, Jeremy Reiner, and Paul Luther will all be present. "Avengers 4: the final battle" is the 22nd film of Marvel film universe, which will be the end of Marvel's infinite legend. It is an important node in the decade of Marvel film universe. It will end the stories of some hero films, but it will also start a new plot, present a new and broader cosmology, and there will be new superheroes in the future.