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Which is better, Shiseido an Nai sun or LAN Pang? Can pregnant women use sunscreen

There are a lot of sunscreen products on the market now. Sunscreen is the skin care product we usually use every day. At present, Shiseido an sun resistant and blue fat are the better ones in public praise. Which sunscreen effect is the best?

Shiseido blue fat and an Nai sun which is easy to use

Blue fat is the best sunscreen I've ever used. Blue fat is Shiseido's sunscreen for outdoor use. Its technology is stronger than golden bottle, that is, it has stronger sunscreen effect when it encounters sweat and water. Its liquid is very light and thin, there will be no film sense, nor whitening, blocking pores. If you need make-up and strong sunscreen when you go out, this is the first choice;

Shiseido blue fat sunscreen price

Product Name: Shiseido / Shiseido new sunshine xiazhenxiao hydrodynamic protection milk

Spf50 + / PA++++

Specification type: normal specification

Net content of cosmetics: 50ml

Sunscreen classification: sunscreen / Cream

Brand: Shiseido / Shiseido

Shiseido single product: new sunshine Xiazhen hydrodynamic protection milk

Efficacy: sunscreen

Origin: Japan

Price: ¥ 380

Shiseido blue fat sunscreen ingredients

Give strong sunscreen protection, when exposed to sweat or moisture, further enhance the effectiveness of sunscreen protection net. The formula combines skin care ingredients to prevent dryness, oxidation, cell and DNA damage. Comfortable and mild texture, giving unprecedented high sunscreen effect.

With the exclusive supervail UV 360 & Trade; technology, it can prevent ultraviolet A and B, protect the skin and reduce the age marks caused by light aging.

Wetforce technology can effectively enhance the efficacy of sunscreen protection net whenever exposed to sweat or moisture. It can effectively inhibit enzyme activity *, cell and DNA damage *, so as to prevent the formation of wrinkles and stains.

Contains antioxidant components Thiotaurine and peach leaf extract.

Light and comfortable texture, quick penetration, no white mark. Make the foundation smooth and apply more durable.

Highly waterproof and sweat resistant.

Can Shiseido blue fat sunscreen be used by pregnant women

Shiseido's sunscreen is specially designed for sensitive skin. Pure physical sunscreen, allergic skin, pregnant women, children, are more suitable, even in winter will give your skin thoughtful moisturizing, but not greasy.

Shiseido's light blue bottle sunscreen, which can be used from infants to sensitive muscles, is characterized by another kind of UV protective film formed by wet force when it comes to water. It has strong waterproof and anti perspiration effect, and is suitable for parents who often take part in outdoor activities. Low irritating UV protection is for babies to sensitive skin types. Milk color liquid made of natural ingredients can brighten the complexion and show the sense of moisture luster. Ordinary facial cleansers can be easily removed.

The cream containing rich moisture can effectively protect the skin from UV damage, protect the skin from UVA and UVB damage, enhance the skin's natural protective layer, prevent sunburn or premature wrinkles. It can gently resist the damage caused by ultraviolet rays, and is easy to spread evenly and be collected by the skin, leaving no trace, and the effect is close to the skin.