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Does Artemisia selengensis need blanching water? How to make Artemisia selengensis delicious

When eating Artemisia selengensis, will it be blanched in advance? Artemisia selengensis is a product after the beginning of spring, it has a special smell, many people like to eat it, because it can improve appetite, but does Artemisia selengensis need blanching in the end? Let's have a look.

Does Artemisia selengensis need blanching water

The leaves of Artemisia selengensis need blanching, but the stems of Artemisia selengensis can not be used. This is because the leaves of Artemisia selengensis have a bitter taste, which seriously affects the taste. Blanching can remove the bitter taste.

How to make Artemisia selengensis delicious

Stir fried dried asparagus

1. First of all, the Artemisia selengensis is cleaned, its old leaves and roots are removed, and then it is broken, continuously washed with clean water, and drained.

2. Then shred the dried incense and set aside.

3. Remove the skin of garlic, wash, chop and set aside.

4. At this time, you can heat the pot, with a small fire, and so hot oil, add pepper, garlic, fried incense.

5. As long as there is a fragrance, you can pour in the Artemisia selengensis, and then use the fire constantly stir fry, must use the fire, because the Artemisia selengensis is soon cooked.

6. Then add dried incense, stir fry a few times can be seasoned, add salt, sugar, chicken essence stir fry can eat.

Stir fried bacon with Artemisia selengensis

1. First, wash the bacon carefully with clean water, then put it into the steamer for cooking, then take it out, cool and drain, and then slice it for standby.

2. Then remove the root of Artemisia selengensis, break it by hand, wash it and drain it.

3. Remove the inner seed of red pepper, rinse with clean water and set aside.

4. Slice garlic and set aside.

5. At this time, pour proper amount of cooking oil into the pot, heat it with low heat, and then add garlic to stir fry.

6. When there is garlic flavor, the bacon can be cooked and stir fried. When you know the oil, you can add Shaojiu to remove the fishiness.

7. Then put in the chrysanthemum segment.

5. At this time, the fire must be hot fried, a moment later, start seasoning, put in the right amount of salt, sugar, monosodium glutamate, constantly stir fry.

6. Finally put in the red pepper, stir fry quickly, and then you can eat out of the pot.

Stir fried Artemisia selengensis

1. First, remove the old roots and leaves of Artemisia selengensis, then put it into water for continuous cleaning, and then break it by hand for standby.

2. Add proper amount of cooking oil into the pot, heat over low heat, and add Artemisia selengensis.

3. When stir frying, be sure to stir fry with high fire, then add salt and oyster sauce for seasoning, finally add appropriate amount of water, cover the pot and simmer.

4. Just wait for two minutes. Artemisia selengensis is easy to ripen.