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What should we pay attention to in Putonghua test? What are the starting skills of Putonghua

Putonghua certificate is very important for many occupations, so many students want to know what are the Putonghua test skills and precautions. Xiaobian has sorted out the relevant information, hoping to help you!

What are the skills of Putonghua test

Get enough sleep

First of all, I don't approve of people's temporary cramming. I don't work hard at ordinary times. When I'm ready for the exam, I sacrifice my sleep time to make up for it. This is not feasible. If I don't get enough sleep, it will also affect the performance and mental state of the exam.

Pay attention to the regular diet

Normal diet is also very important, and you don't need to drink too many so-called supplements to avoid some unexpected situations such as stomachache and discomfort during the exam.

Come to the examination room ahead of time

No matter how far away the housekeeper is from the examination room, you should find a way to come to the examination room 10-15 minutes in advance. If you can't get into the examination room, you can also go to the entrance of the examination room in advance to get familiar with the environment first, so as to avoid being affected by the environment at that time.

Relieve tension

Everyone will be more or less nervous when facing the exam. The more people pay attention to the exam results, the more nervous they will be. So when they feel nervous, they can relieve the tension by deep breathing and self suggestion.

What should we pay attention to in Putonghua test

First of all, we must pay attention to the registration time. Different provinces have different time and place. Putonghua is basically arranged from March to June and from September to December. The specific time depends on your test location

Then, online registration, fill in the corresponding information, if it is a student, the school will be unified organization, enter the school official website registration, if it is a social examinee, need to log in to the local language network, there will be examination registration message

It's also very important to register and upload photos online. If you can't set the format, you can ask the print shop to help you

1. The file format of the photo must be jpg

2. The proportion of candidates' photos is 390 * 567 pixels

3. The file size of each candidate's photo must be less than 1m

4, the photo file of each candidate is named "the examinee ID number" must be 18.

It is recommended that the background color of candidates' photos be blue, red or white.

Electronic photos need to be imported into the test system and printed on the certificate

Important non-compliance will affect student testing.

One week before the examination (notice online for specific time), bring your ID card, graduation card or student card to the registration office for confirmation, check your personal information, pay and get the admission card.