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Game of Thrones Season 8 is bran dead? Why did bran become the night king?

Many viewers have seen the American drama "game of power". Many netizens call it one of the best TV dramas in history. The final season of "game of power" is coming soon. The actors such as Jiong en, Long Ma and bran are in the situation one after another, and the plot is becoming more and more wonderful. So what's the final ending of the eighth season? Did bran die in the end?

In the game of power, the son of the forest and the ghost are enemies. After fighting for thousands of years, they don't know whether to win or lose. Now branstark is the last green prophet and the last blood crow, the three eyed crow. Now the night king is more and more powerful, with the help of the ghost dragon, so how did bran die? The night King chased bran for several years, and bran escaped several times and sacrificed a lot Many people, this decisive battle is related to the fate and future of mankind.

The night King led an army of strange ghosts to encircle and suppress the son of the forest for thousands of years. With more and more human beings, the habitat of the son of the forest was reduced and the number of the son of the forest was sharply reduced. He was not the opponent of the strange ghosts for a long time. By the time bran succeeded the three eyed crow, the son of the forest was almost extinct.

The night King led an army of ghosts to the south. He wanted to revenge on the son of the forest and the human beings for their cruelty thousands of years ago. He wanted to lift his curse, so he slaughtered human beings and pursued bran at the same time. By this time, the wandering bran had already joined his brothers and sisters in Winterfell.

When the ghost attacks winter city, bran and the army resist the ghost army together. Bran controls the dragon, regor, and another dragon, drogeng, to deal with the ghost dragon viseron. But the ability of the night king to ghost the corpse greatly hinders human resistance.

Bran is attacked by a strange ghost in Lindong city. Bran's consciousness is still in regor's body. Bran is disabled and needs help from others to move. It's too late to transfer bran when the strange ghost attacks. Bran's purpose is just bran, so bran's consciousness is killed by the strange ghost before he returns to his body.

Bran's death caused the Dragon regor to lose control suddenly. He was wounded by a strange ghost and fell to the ground. He was attacked by a strange ghost and died. Finally, he was cremated by zhuogeng to avoid being assimilated by the night king. Later, the night king was burned to death by zhuogeng's Dragon flame.

But in the final finale, the ghost steals bran's body, sends it to the altar, inserts the Magic Dragon Crystal into bran's chest, and turns bran into the night king. Bran's eyes turned blue, completely transformed, and put on the crown of the ghost king.