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Is it true that film Fanghua is accused of plagiarism? Which movie did Fanghua copy?

What happened to the suspected plagiarism of the film Fanghua? Which movie did Fanghua copy? According to authoritative media reports, the film "Fanghua" released in 2017 has recently been sued for plagiarism. The plaintiff Mr. Xiao believes that the passages in the film "Fanghua" plagiarized his own script "the redemption of ramga". Therefore, Mr. Xiao took director Feng Xiaogang, film copyright owner Meila daily chemical, Huayi Brothers and Beijing yaolai film and television to court.

"Fanghua" is produced by Dongyang Meila media, directed by famous director Feng Xiaogang, written by writer Yan Geling, and starred by actors Huang Xuan, Miao Miao and Zhong Chuxi. This work directed by Feng Xiaogang is mainly about the story of the military art troupe. The film was released on December 15, 2017, and finally won 1.423 billion box office. Many audiences are very inspirational after watching it.

Having been a director for so many years, the works directed by Feng Xiaogang are of great educational significance. Fanghua has taught us a lot. Moreover, according to Xiaobian, Fanghua is adapted from the plot of Yan Geling's novel. How can it violate Mr. Xiao's theory of script?

On the afternoon of April 11, the case of Mr. Xiao suing the copyright owner of Fanghua and director Feng Xiaogang officially opened. In addition to suing Feng Xiaogang, Mr. Xiao also sued Beijing yaolai film and television culture media Co., Ltd., Zhejiang Meila Media Co., Ltd. and Huayi Brothers Co., Ltd. in the afternoon, all the four defendants appeared in court by their agents.

The plaintiff, Mr. Xiao, disclosed that in early 2015, he independently wrote and completed the redemption of lamga, and sent the script to Hu on January 8, hoping that Hu would recommend the script to Feng Xiaogang, because he learned that Yang was close to Feng Xiaogang, and Hu sent the script to Yang. According to Mr. Xiao, Feng Xiaogang's team initially approved the script more than 20 days after seeing it again, But I hope it can be revised.

After the release of "Fanghua", Xiao found that the story content of the film was very similar to his script "the redemption of ramga". Whether it was the setting of the characters or the relationship between the characters and Mr. Xiao's works, the plaintiff thought that the above behavior had constituted the adaptation and infringement of Mr. Xiao's works, so he took Feng Xiaogang and others to court this time.

The specific appeal is to require the film "Fanghua" to copy, publish and spread, and to ask director Feng Xiaogang to make a public apology, eliminate the impact and compensate for the economic loss of 3 million yuan.

At the scene of the trial, different parties expressed different views on whether the case was infringing. In view of the need for both parties to provide supplementary materials and opinions, the case will be heard again on another day.

Looking at the works directed by Feng Xiaogang, it seems that there has never been a hot lawsuit. Recently, director Feng Xiaogang seldom appears in public activities, and he seldom participates in some gatherings in the entertainment industry. In addition, because of some things last year, Feng Xiaogang will be mentioned in three days. To tell you the truth, his works are very popular, such as those we are familiar with《 Assembly number, Party A and Party B, Tangshan earthquake and other scenic spots.

In Xiaobian's opinion, all Feng Xiaogang's works are very rigorous. How could he make such a low-level mistake? Maybe it should be a misunderstanding.