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Can you get a pension after retirement? Can pension be claimed in advance

When the social security is cut off, can you get a pension after retirement? The issue of getting a pension is a very concerned issue for many people. So, when the social security is cut off, can you get a pension after retirement? Let's learn from Xiaobian.

The conditions that must be met to receive a pension

The first condition is endowment insurance, which should be paid for more than 15 years. Here we should pay attention to the cumulative payment period, not a continuous payment period, so we can allow the interruption of endowment insurance payment, but as long as we ensure that the lowest cumulative payment period is more than 15 years old. Of course, it is a continuous 15 years of payment, and there is no problem at all, because what we want is the cumulative payment period, whether you are continuous or discontinuous, there is no problem.

The second condition is to reach the statutory retirement age. At present, the legal retirement age for men in China is 60 years old. Women are 50 to 55 years old.

Whether men or women, as long as they reach the normal legal retirement age, and their accumulated pension insurance has reached more than 15 years, they can apply for retirement and enjoy the treatment of basic pension. As for some people, there may be an interruption of social security payment, so the interruption of payment will not calculate an actual accumulated payment period, that is to say, the interruption of this part of payment period will not be calculated into the pension, he will only calculate the pension treatment according to the actual payment period, so it will not affect the pension treatment, but it will not affect the pension treatment It will affect the level of pension.

If it is continuously paid, the basic pension insurance, then you can get a higher pension treatment. However, if the payment is interrupted and the consumption of the terminal is not made up, it is obvious that the accumulated payment period will be reduced accordingly. In this way, the basic pension benefits will also be affected.