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How to keep new clothes clean? How to prevent clothes from fading

Now a lot of clothes just bought are very good-looking, but wearing a few more times will face the situation of fading, once the clothes fade, it will appear very old, not good-looking. So how to wash the new clothes so that they don't fade? Here's how to prevent them from fading.

How to wash new clothes without fading

Brine immersion method

This move is most suitable for dealing with denim and decor clothing fading problem, the effect is very smart. Newly bought clothes in order to prevent fading, in the first time before the water to soak in salt water for half an hour, and then according to the conventional method of cleaning. If there is still a slight fade, you can soak the fight with light salt water for 10 minutes before each wash. If you persist in the long run, the clothes will never fade!

Toilet water cleaning method

The toilet water at home can also prevent the discoloration of clothes. After washing the clothes, drop a few drops of toilet water into the clean water, and then soak the cleaned clothes in such water for 10 minutes. The clothes washed in this way can also play the role of disinfection and removing sweat smell.

How to wash new clothes without fading

Cleaning method of edible vinegar

Before washing clothes, add some common vinegar to the washing water and soak it for a while! But the amount of vinegar should not be too much, otherwise it is easy to dye light colored clothes. If you can often clean clothes like this, you can ensure that the color of the clothes is as bright as new.

Cleaning method of nursing washing liquid

Washing liquid is better than washing powder. Washing liquid is easier to rinse, not easy to fade, not hurt hands and prevent static electricity. Generally, it contains softener, so it is softer, more comfortable and brighter than washing powder.