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Can you lose weight by cupping? Is cupping harmful to the body

Can cupping lose weight? For many young women, in order to lose weight, it's absolutely necessary. After all, women are happy for themselves. Summer is coming, and it's the season of meat exposure, so we must do a good job in weight loss in advance. Can cupping lose weight?

Can you lose weight by cupping?

You can lose weight by cupping. Because:

1. When cupping, the sweat pores can be fully opened by the strong suction force, the function of sweat glands and sebaceous glands will be stimulated and strengthened, and the aging cells on the surface of skin will fall off, so as to accelerate the excretion of toxins and wastes in the body.

2. By stimulating the meridians and acupoints to adjust the functions of hypothalamus pituitary adrenal cortex and sympathetic adrenal medulla, we can accelerate the basic metabolic rate, promote fat metabolism, increase heat production, consume accumulated fat, and adjust, improve and repair the balance of human body.

3. It can dredge meridians, balance Qi and blood, adjust endocrine, accelerate blood circulation and lymph circulation, promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, improve digestive function, speed up metabolism, increase consumption of heat production and fat formula, reduce both body surface fat and body deep excess fat, so as to achieve safe, health care and no harm to physiology Speed up weight loss.

4. By strengthening the spleen and kidney function, strengthening the healthy qi, and removing the stagnant evil Qi through the dredging effect of meridians, we can not only achieve the overall weight loss effect, but also eliminate the local fat to achieve the purpose of local weight loss.

What should you pay attention to in order to lose weight?

1. Take sugar free soy milk, oatmeal, and eggs for breakfast when you pull out the cupboard to lose weight. Lunch to eat vegetables, one or two rice, meat. Dinner to eat cucumber, tomato, can eat raw, can also be cold, but do not put sugar cold, put a little salt and vinegar on the line.

2. Cupping weight loss is effective, if it can be combined with other therapies such as acupuncture, catgut embedding, ear acupuncture, it can achieve better weight loss effect.

3. Can't take cupping or other traditional Chinese medicine therapy after weight loss treatment and diet, exercise regulation is lax. Healthy lifestyle, such as exercise, reasonable diet, for weight loss is also an important factor affecting the curative effect.

4. Cupping weight loss for the crowd: tried a variety of weight loss methods are still ineffective or easy to rebound crowd. There's a lot of fat in the waist and buttocks, but the rest of the crowd is slim. People with postpartum obesity. The pursuit of perfection, want to have a better shape of the crowd. A woman with fleshy thighs or arms.

5. Cupping is not suitable for people to lose weight

① Women with severe anemia or heart disease are not only unable to lose weight by cupping, but also better not to lose weight.

② Women with skin allergy or eczema are not suitable for cupping.

③ Don't lose weight when you are sick, especially when you have a cold or diarrhea.

④ It's best not to lose weight when you are very tired or on fire.

⑤ Don't do it for people over the age of 50, because their metabolism has slowed down.

⑥ People who have stopped menstruating. During menstruation can not cupping weight loss, the best after the end of menstruation.

⑦ If there is constipation, then the first need to take good care of the body, and then lose weight.

⑧ Due to the imbalance of yin and Yang in the body.

⑨ People who want to lose weight immediately. Cupping weight loss is a gradual process, otherwise it is easy to cause harm to the body.

6. Cupping time should not be too long, generally about 25 minutes, until the skin is ruddy and congestive, take off the cupping, so as not to hurt the skin.

7. Don't overeat at any time. Remember not to eat or drink anything 3 hours before going to bed. It's the most important thing to curb the rebound.

8. To keep in shape, it's best to choose a single diet (dinner) twice a week. Dinner and bedtime must be 3 hours apart to go to bed.

9. In the future, it is forbidden to eat high starch, desserts, fried foods, high salt and spicy foods for dinner, with light food as the main food.