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A quick memory method before college entrance examination

June is the college entrance examination season. Senior three students, studying hard for three years, are waiting for these three days to decide their future fate. So they are both nervous and excited. What they are nervous about is that they are afraid that the knowledge points they need to remember are not firm and the methods they need to master are afraid to forget when they take the exam. What they are excited about is that they can relax after the exam for a period of time and go out to play well, waiting for the admission notice of the university they like. Today, I'm going to teach you a quick memory method to deal with the exam easily.

One week before the exam, some schools will take a week off to let you adjust your mind to face the exam. At this time, you should review every subject well, review all subjects once in five days, take a book to record the knowledge points and difficulties that you won't know when you look at each subject. If you want to memorize it, you can't copy it again. In this way, on the sixth and seventh day, you will review only what you can't do.

College entrance examination is a turning point of fate for many people. Before the exam, you must learn to relax and not be too nervous. In fact, the college entrance examination is not as terrible as you think. Three days pass in a blink of an eye. If you don't think you have enough memory but think you will get it in the exam, you are suggested to use the associative memory method. This method is to combine what you want to remember with something you think you will never forget.

There are many ways to remember, depending on what kind of memory you are best at. Master one or two methods of memory, and over time you will find that as long as you want to remember something, you will never forget it. As long as you find me a way to quickly remember something for a second or two, you will never forget it. In a word, the college entrance examination is an unfair competition test for the present society. I hope everyone can get a good result in June and go to the university they like