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NBA playoff first round full schedule NBA playoff promotion situation forecast

On April 11, Beijing time, the NBA regular season finally came to an end. In today's duel, the Blazers and nuggets both won. The Rockets, who were killed by the thunder, were also pushed to the fourth place in the western region by the two teams. After the determination of the first-4 places in the western region (warriors, Nuggets, blazers and rockets), the first round of the NBA post-season match also came out. The specific duel is as follows:

East: bucks vs pistons, Raptors vs magic, 76ers vs nets, green army VS Pacers

West: Warriors vs clippers, Nuggets vs spurs, blazers vs thunder, rockets vs jazz

Eastern promotion situation forecast:

1. Bucks (1) vs piston (8)

Promotion forecast: bucks

With the deepening of the competition, the Bucks' probability of winning the championship is rising, and they are regarded by the American media as the most likely to defeat the warriors in the finals. This season, under the leadership of the 'Greek monster' letter brother, the Bucks played the best record in the league, and the regular season against the pistons to keep winning, this group of duels basically no suspense.

2. Raptors (2) vs magic (7)

Promotion forecast: Raptors

The bucks and the Raptors are the only two teams with a 70% winning rate. After the Raptors recruited Leonard, their overall strength increased greatly. They all said that defense won the championship. The Raptors are undoubtedly one of the most popular Eastern champions. Although they won only two games in four regular season games with the magic, they still have no problem in breaking through the first round.

3. 76ers (3) vs nets (6)

Promotion forecast: 76

The 76ers and the nets met in the first round, and the 76ers with home court advantage could have been promoted, but the injury of nbid has become an uncertain factor. It is revealed that he may be absent from the first round. If the emperor can't play, it's hard to say who will be promoted from the history of two wins in the regular season!

4. Celtic (4) vs pacer (5)

Promotion forecast: Celtic

This season's green army is a bit disappointing. In the case of Owen and Hayward's comeback, they only rank fourth in the East. Facing the Pacers in the regular season, the green army has won four battles and three victories, occupying an obvious advantage. However, green army's defensive valiant smart will be suspended due to injury, and the team's outside defense will be a big test.

Forecast of the situation in the west of China:

1. Warrior (1) vs clipper (8)

Promotion forecast: Warriors

No team wants to touch the warriors in the first round. Unfortunately, it finally falls to the Clippers. For the warriors, the Clippers are used to find the rhythm of the playoffs. They don't have big stars in the array. The only thing they need to be vigilant about is Beverly's biting defense. It's a perfect ending to complete the sweep without injury.

2. Nuggets (2) vs Spurs (7)

Promotion forecast: Spurs

This year's competition in the western region is extremely fierce. Although the Nuggets ranked second in the western region, they just won six more games than the Spurs! In the first round, facing the experienced spurs, the Nuggets really have no chance of winning. In the regular season, the two teams each win two games. In the playoffs, the veteran Popovich will make the young Nuggets suffer.

3. Pioneer (3) vs thunder (6)

Promotion forecast: Thunder

The Trail Blazers finally ranked third in the West. They will play against thunder in the first round and two guns against two. It's not necessary to say how wonderful it is. It's worth mentioning that thunder keeps winning all over the Trail Blazers in the regular season. Obviously, they have calmed down their opponents in momentum and the possibility of cold counter attack is very big!

4. Rockets (4) vs Jazz (5)

Promotion forecast: rocket

Rockets finally ranked fourth in the west, it can be said that it was clearly arranged, the first round against the jazz, it is really difficult to play, and after the first round, the second round will touch the defending champion warriors, but there are optimistic fans said: want to win the championship, who are the same, and Paul's injury is an unknown factor, early play early rest assured!

Warm tip: the playoffs will start on April 14. What's more, which eight teams do you think will make it to the second round of the playoffs.