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Can you swim during menstruation? Do you use tampons for swimming during menstruation

Whether menstrual period can swim or not has been a controversial topic. One side believes that if women go swimming during menstruation, it is easy to lead to vaginitis, and even uterine infection and pelvic inflammation. The main reason is that bacteria will infect the uterus and pelvic cavity through vagina. Another point of view is that if you want to use tampons during menstruation, do you think it's ok?

Huang Weihong, deputy director of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Shanghai Zhongshan Hospital, pointed out that some women think that they can safely enter the water by using tampons or moon cups during menstruation, but this method is not advisable. Women's vagina and the outside world are interlinked, which provides the possibility of bacterial infection. Moreover, the cervix is relatively dilated during menstruation, and the blood flowing out of the uterus during menstruation is a good medium for bacteria propagation. After the cotton sliver is soaked in water, the bacteria can easily enter the body, causing infection of the reproductive system.

'of course, if you really enjoy the environment when you travel, and women are at the end of their menstrual period, if you really want to go into the water, it's OK to use a tampon or menstrual cup, but swimming in the menstrual period for a long time will increase the risk of infection, so it's definitely not recommended. Dr. Huang Weihong said: 'women who swim during menstruation are prone to reproductive system infections or menstrual disorders, which can not be cured for a long time. '

Dr. Huang Weihong reminded that if you swim in unsanitary water, dirty water can enter the vagina, changing the acidic environment of the vagina and weakening the disease resistance mechanism of the vagina. If this defense mechanism is destroyed, the bacteria can take the opportunity to cause various diseases. Although the water in the swimming pool is circularly disinfected, it is impossible to be sterile. In some places, if the disinfection is not thorough, there is no guarantee. In many swimmers, there are many patients with tinea corporis, tinea pedis, trachoma, mycotic vaginitis or trichomonal vaginitis, and even gonorrhea, condyloma acuminatum, etc. they bring pathogens into the pool water, which is easy to infect healthy swimmers.

Except that swimming is not recommended during menstruation, if the body has early gynecological inflammation, such as increased secretion, abnormal taste and color sensation, or is in the period of inflammation treatment, it is absolutely not allowed to swim, otherwise it is easy to be infected by bacteria in the water, which will aggravate the disease. In addition, even if there is no gynecological inflammation, there is no menstrual women, swimming should always pay attention to strengthen the awareness of self-health protection.

'I often see many girls sitting on the floor or platform beside the swimming pool. The floor beside the pool is often trampled by people barefoot, and the mold on their feet is also stained on the ground. If they sit on it again, it is easy to cause mycotic vaginitis. So, when you want to sit by the pool, you may as well put on a bath towel and sit again, don't let your skin touch the ground directly. 'dr. Huang Weihong reminds me.