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Can banana skin still eat inside blackening? Black banana can prevent cancer

Banana is a favorite fruit for many people, but have you found that many of the banana skins we bought are black, so can we eat when the banana skin is black? In fact, although the skin is black, the pulp inside is still very good, so it can be eaten.

Does skin blacken represent banana bad?

In fact, bananas, like many melons and fruits, contain polyphenols. When the cell wall is damaged, they will turn black. As long as the pulp is not blackened and exposed to the air, the skin of banana will turn black, which is completely edible.

Mature bananas can even be frozen for months.

However, once the two ends of the banana appear white mycelium, there are food safety risks.

How should bananas be preserved?

The most convenient way: buy less every time, eat in time. Need to delay ripening, hang in a well ventilated place and stay away from other fruits.

Need to speed up the ripening, and mango, apple, pear and other fruits sealed together.

If the banana skin is ripe (i.e. the skin turns yellow completely and black spots begin to appear) and you can't finish eating it for a while, you can refrigerate it in the refrigerator. Even if the skin turns black, you can still eat it. If the banana is mature enough to eat in a short time, you can remove the skin, put it in a fresh-keeping bag and keep it in the freezer.

It's great to eat as a frozen dessert, or to make homemade milkshakes, cakes, bread, ice cream, yogurt, etc.

After blackening banana also has the advantage! Next looks at it to have any advantage!

1. It can prevent cancer

The researchers found that bananas contain a compound called tumor necrosis factor (TNF), which can destroy cancer cells and tumors. So using this blackened banana can prevent cancer.

2. Treating heartburn

Bananas are good natural antacids that help fight indigestion. It's easy to digest, so it doesn't cause further gastrointestinal discomfort. On the contrary, you eat a banana, can dissipate physical discomfort,. Therefore, if you have indigestion or heartburn, you don't need to take medicine, just eat and eat bananas to relieve it.