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How do lovers change clothes for each other? Can lovers' red diamond be changed automatically

Tencent recently launched QQ couple red diamond business, so that many like to show QQ show players expressed concern. QQ lovers how to make red diamond has become the most concerned about players at present. So how can lovers change clothes for each other? Can lovers' Red Diamonds be changed automatically? Let's take a look with Xiaobian.

Methods / steps:

Directly click the red diamond icon on QQ data card to enter the red diamond official website. Or Baidu 'Red Diamond', 'QQ show' and so on, you can easily find.

After entering the official website of qqxiu, click 'lovers red diamond' to get the relevant information of QQ lovers red diamond.

Enter the other party's QQ number, you can send out 'lovers red diamond' invitation.

It should be noted that the opening time of the red diamond must be one month before you can invite the other party to bind the couple red diamond.

If the red diamond is not long enough, it will not be invited, as shown in the figure.

The other party will display the received red diamond invitation on the red diamond page, and can choose 'accept' or 'reject'.

If the other party refuses the invitation, you can select another person to bind;

If the other party doesn't respond, you can also cancel the invitation;

But you can only bind a couple red diamond with one friend at the same time.

If the other party accepts the invitation, the binding is successful, and the exclusive QQ show, lovers' Avatar, exclusive icon and other privileges are obtained.

The price of red diamond for lovers is 5 yuan / month. Once the payment is successful, they can enjoy the privileges of lighting up QQ icon and lovers' avatars. Both sides share all the privileges of red diamond for lovers.