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Do you need hot water for celery? How to blanch celery without nutrient loss

Celery is a popular food, whether it is fried or cold, its crisp taste is loved by people. As we all know, many vegetables need blanching before eating, so does celery need blanching? Let's take a look.

Do you want the celery blanched

Blanching is recommended.

It's better to blanch celery before cooking. Although it can be eaten without blanching, its taste is not as good as that after blanching. Generally, blanching can make celery better remove residual pesticides, peculiar smell or astringent taste. Especially when using celery to make cold dishes, it is recommended to blanch water first. If it is fried, blanching water can not be used. In the process of cooking and frying, the astringent taste of celery and the decomposition of some residues will be removed because of high temperature.

Does celery need boiling water

Celery can be boiled.

Celery is easy to cook by boiling water, but studies have shown that blanching water can reduce the nutritional content of celery. Especially in 100 degree hot water for 2 minutes will lead to excessive decomposition of vitamins, more than 10 minutes may allow all vitamins to decompose, so we should grasp the time when ironing.

How to blanch celery

1. First of all, boil the water in the pot and add appropriate amount of salt and edible oil.

2. After the celery is cleaned, cut into sections and add them to the pot, turn them in time, and the blanching time should not be too long.

3. Then take out the celery and rinse it with cold water. Let it cool and drain.

How can celery blanching reduce nutrient loss

1. Use boiling water

Blanching celery best with boiling water, blanching in a short time, can reduce the consumption of some nutrients. In addition, there is oxidase in celery. It can accelerate the oxidation of vitamin C very well, especially when the water temperature is 60-80 ℃, the activity will be the best.

2. Add salt

When blanching, you can add an appropriate amount of salt and edible oil into the hot water, which can make the soluble nutrients of celery diffuse more slowly in the water, so it can also reduce the loss of vitamins.