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What benefits does diabetic eat lemon to have? What should diabetic eat lemon to notice

Lemon is rich in vitamin C and vitamin P, can enhance vascular elasticity and toughness, can prevent and treat hypertension and myocardial infarction symptoms. Many people like lemon, but there are also questions, what are the benefits of eating lemon for diabetic patients? What should diabetic patients pay attention to when eating lemon?

Can diabetic eat lemon

People with diabetes can eat lemon.

Lemon has the function of stabilizing blood sugar, preventing and reducing diabetic complications. Patients with diabetes can drink lemonade appropriately, which is of great benefit to improving symptoms.

What should diabetic eat lemon to notice

1. Diabetic nephropathy or hypertension patients to eat less salt, can use lemon juice instead of salt to flavor.

2, lemon taste sour, not suitable for direct consumption, but for squeezing juice, or seasoning in dishes.

3. Lemon bubble water can be a bubble, and the best use of 60 degrees - 80 degrees of warm water brewing, so easy to bubble out the nutrients, and will not cause irritation to the stomach.

4. People with a bad stomach had better not drink lemonade on an empty stomach. Patients with excessive gastric and duodenal ulcer should not drink lemonade.

5. Citric acid, after drinking lemonade to brush your teeth in time to avoid acid corrosion of teeth.

What advantage does diabetic eat lemon to have

Lemon is rich in vitamins and various organic acids, which can regulate and reduce blood sugar. Lemon contains vitamin C can also improve capillary elasticity, enhance renal detoxification function, help to prevent diabetic vascular disease and diabetic nephropathy. Lemon also contains a special substance called citronitroside. This substance can assist in the prevention and treatment of diabetes complicated with cataract and organ dysfunction. It can reduce the content of hyperacidated fat in the liver, kidney and blood of patients with diabetes and improve the disease resistance. Lemon juice is an organic acid, which can change the contact area between food and digestive enzymes, delay the time of gastric emptying. When diabetic patients drink water or porridge, they add an appropriate amount of lemon juice, which helps to stabilize blood sugar.