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How do you shoot the video of the tiktok? Naruto shooting video tutorial

Xiaobian recently brushes and sways to the Sasuke and Naruto tiktok. Xiao Bian wants to see Naruto. On the tiktok, the Naruto's disguise is very cool. So you can shoot Naruto at home?

Tiktok shooting steps

First of all, if you want to shoot the video of Naruto in disguise, you need to download two ur cases, namely videoleaf and picsart. With these two softwares, the video production will be quite easy.

Step 1: first, you can take a video of your own walking or action, and then open the videoleap editing software to take a screenshot where the pictures you choose and the video actions are consistent.

Step 2: open the picsart software of Meiyi, click the [+] number at the bottom, import the screenshot, and then click next to enter 'Naruto' in the search column to find the relevant sticker.

The third step: after selecting the sticker, adjust the position as long as the action of the sticker and the video is consistent, then save it.

Step 4: go back to the videoleap software and import the photo just now. Then you can choose some effects to add, so that you can look more natural when you change.

The fifth step: after the production is finished, you can click save, then turn on the jitter, and upload your saved video tiktok.

Introduction to BGM

It is understood that BGM Intro tiktok is called Original Rework. At present, this song can be auditioned and downloaded on QQ music platform, but this song has no lyrics, only pure music. Partners who want to listen to this song can search for audition on QQ music platform.

It is reported that the meaning of original mix is actually original mixing, which often appears in electronic sound. Most electronic sounds are mainly original mix and remix. Tiktok, which is heard by the voice of the people, belongs to the electric version. So many of the partners who love the sound are deeply attracted by the song. It is reported that one step of mixing is based on the computer, which can also be called computer mixing station.