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How can black clothes not fade? How to wash black clothes correctly

The first time you wash black clothes, you should pay attention to it. If you use the wrong method, your black clothes will fade easily. How to wash black clothes? Let's take a look at the cleaning methods of black clothes.

How to wash black clothes properly

1. Brine immersion method

In order to prevent the new bought black clothes from fading, before the first cleaning, we first soak them in strong brine for about half an hour, and then wash them according to the usual method of washing clothes. The next time, the black clothes will not fade easily.

2. Vinegar soaking method

Before washing these clothes, add some common vinegar to the water, then soak the clothes in it, and wait for 30 minutes. If you insist on soaking and cleaning in this way, the black clothes can still keep bright color. Dark color clothes are also suitable.

How to wash black clothes properly

3. Beer soaking method

This is a very luxurious washing method. Pour a glass of beer into the water, mix them, soak the washed black T-shirt, wait for about an hour, and then wash it in the water. Don't add any other washing liquid and soap!

4. Spinach soaking in water

If you want your black clothes to be bright all the time, we can wash the fresh spinach, then put it into the water, boil the water, filter out the spinach water, and let it stand. When the water temperature is not hot, soak the black clothes in the spinach water for 10 to 20 minutes or longer. In this way, you can keep the luster and color of the black clothes, and to a certain extent, it's still You can restore the white black clothes.

Finally, Xiao Bian should remind everyone that the washed black clothes should be turned over to dry, so as to prevent the direct sunlight on the front of the clothes, make the clothes photochemical reaction, and make the clothes fade.