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Where is the new version of wechat strong reminder function? How to use wechat strong reminder funct

After updating the latest version, you can use the strong reminder function to remind a friend of the message in the form of full screen plus sound effect. Next, in the software, where is the new wechat strong reminder function? How to use wechat strong reminder function? Let's have a look.

Methods / steps:

First of all, after starting the software, you need to check the version. For example, when it is detected that the software needs to be upgraded, you can upgrade to a newer version to use the new functions. At present, some brand models cannot be updated due to compatibility problems.

When the software is upgraded, enter the initial interface as shown in the figure, and the contact list will be displayed by default. Here is an interface to enter and chat with the friend.

Then in the upper right corner of the chat interface, as shown in the figure, you can see the three dot button. Click to enter the contact chat setting interface.

At this time, you can find the new strong reminder setting item in the chat information options, which is turned off by default. Click the rear switch to turn on the reminder function.

Then you can see the prompt below the options, that is, if you receive a message from the contact within the next 3 hours, you will receive a strong reminder in the form of full screen.

Finally, after receiving the message from the person within the specified time, as shown in the figure, the mobile phone will give a full screen prompt, and there will be vibration, sound and other reminders.