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What do you think of 5g? What does the public think of 5g

Different from the popularity of mainstream media, the Internet has different voices. So what's your opinion on 5g? What does the public think of 5g? In order to satisfy everyone's curiosity, let's have a look.

Ding Lei said in an interview that 5g is essentially just the improvement of transmission speed, so don't expect 5g to bring too much change to our lives.

His opinions represent many people's ideas. Some netizens said that the size of a mobile phone, what's the difference between giving you 8K and 1080p? In fact, what you're looking at is 720p or even lower. Content providers should not only consider that the user's device can support the largest bit stream, but also consider their own server and bandwidth costs. 0 delay is a joke, your mobile phone to the base station 1ms, the base station to the server after a few routes, may reach 10-50ms, the server response took 50ms, you feel the 100ms delay is so, you put the mobile phone to the base station again optimize what use?

From the point of view of hard disk technology, some people say that 5g is not practical: we have experienced 10m lan-100m lan-1000m LAN, and then 10000 m is meaningless, because hard disk reading and writing are not enough. We have also experienced 56K cat-128kadsl-2m broadband-10m-100m, but 1000m is of little significance, because in addition to downloading, there is no application scenario, and no server can provide such a large bandwidth. So Ding Lei's words are reasonable. 5g is more virtual.

In the face of this wave of anti 5g, some big guys can't sit still.

Pan Shiyi, the boss of SOHO China, said, "I've seen Ding Lei's speech too. After reading this speech, I think that people living in 2G world can't understand 3G, people living in 3G world can't understand 4G, people living in 4G world are used to it, and people can't understand 5g world. You can't imagine the possibility when the magnitude of speed increases dozens of times.

In my opinion, we can only say that the stagnation of thinking is the most terrible, not to mention other currently popular AI algorithms, both local algorithms and server-side algorithms still have a lot of room to improve. When the cloud server is powerful enough, it also needs stable and high-speed transmission, let alone 5g Even if you upgrade for several generations, you can't eliminate zero delay. How can it be enough? Without a strong cloud to local transmission capacity, many technologies can't be implemented. Without a strong capacity and parallel capability, it's even more terrible. As for storage, it's a joke. The current M2 interface has a single read-write speed of several thousand megabytes. If it is used in parallel, the speed will be higher. In addition, the current technology is upgraded one by one every day. This kind of bottleneck is naturally solved.

So, which of the above two is more reasonable, or will it be the future development trend? In my opinion, 5g will not have a great impact on ordinary people. It may not be needed in some places at all. However, it is essential for some industries or technologies, especially in the use of high-end fields and national defense and military. Therefore, the state strongly supports 5g, In other words, the final development of 5g will not be as direct to ordinary people as 4G. People only support the social construction fund demand.

More alternative views, please pay attention to '65 middle-aged', the above is just personal views, not right and wrong, you can express your views.