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How to eliminate the blacklist? Credit records will be kept for several years

How to get on the blacklist? How to eliminate the record? With the growth of age, marriage and other situations forced to buy a house, has become an indispensable part of life. But go to bank loan to buy a house to discover cannot loan after all is how to return a responsibility? How many years can the blacklist be eliminated?

Why can banks lend you tens of millions of loans? It depends on your personal credit reference in the central bank. Some people are young and frivolous, do not know these, do not know to cherish, now want to buy a house, but the bank does not give the loan event is not uncommon.

A few days ago, I saw a we media article. It said that one of his netizens chatted with him, saying: he had a crush on a second-hand house, signed an intermediary sales contract with an intermediary, paid a 5W deposit, and when he went to the bank for a loan, he was told that he had a credit card in his name, owed the bank 40 yuan of your annual fee, and was on the 'blacklist' of bad personal credit records, so he could not get a loan .

He said that if the loan gets stuck due to his own reasons, he will not only lose 5W of deposit, but also bear the loss of default. He recalled that he had applied for this credit card many years ago, but it didn't work after it was activated. When he saw this house this time and went for a loan, he remembered that he had such an overdue credit card. The netizen's credit card has' bad debts' that have not been dealt with. According to the regulations of the bank, he will not give a loan. Even if he pays off the annual fee he owes, the record will still be on it. In this case, we can only go to the credit card account bank to see if we can help him close the account.

Then he went to the Credit Card Department of the bank himself, and the staff issued him a fact sheet, stating that the situation was clearly stated, and that the customer's arrears were due to overdue annual fees, which belonged to non malicious overdraft. It's all paid off now. (generally, the bank will not issue a statement of non malicious overdraft, but this netizen's special situation can make such a statement. )

Can a non malicious overdraft still make a loan? Although this netizen's situation can't close his account, according to relevant regulations, after the account balance is cleared, the system of the people's Bank of China will automatically update according to the relevant information. According to the process, it takes 45 days for the account to be closed. Here is a reminder: if the credit card is not activated, there will be no annual fee. Individuals should check their credit records for a while, so as not to affect their future life. )

Is there any way to eliminate the impact of overdue credit card records? According to the regulations on the administration of credit information industry issued in 2013, overdue credit card and other bad records will be eliminated after five years, which will not affect life. If you do have overdue loans, but you are in a hurry to make loans, you can also try several banks for consultation, because at present, the credit scoring standards of each bank are not the same, and the recognition standards of whether a customer is a 'bad credit customer' are also different. Generally speaking, if the customer fails to repay in time for three consecutive months within two years, or if he fails to repay six times in total, he will be punished There is a risk that the bank will refuse to lend.

Bank blacklist usually refers to the users who are refused credit by the bank. The bank blacklist is based on the credit stain in the personal credit report of the central bank. Therefore, how can the bank blacklist be eliminated? Basically, it is to eliminate the bad records in personal credit reference. Generally speaking, it can be solved in the following situations.

1、 The bad records in the credit report come from the wrong information input.

For example, "guaranteed," "loaned," or false information. In general, you need to bring your ID card with you and go to the local central bank to file an objection application, which can be solved within 15 working days. If the situation of "being loaned" is relatively complicated, it needs to be verified and solved by the bank. If it cannot be solved properly, it may also use legal means to appeal.

2、 Bad records caused by non malice

The first time you find a problem, you should contact your bank to solve it, pay off the debt, and explain the cause of the debt. If the circumstances are minor, the bank can issue a non malicious overdue certificate. In this way, your loan application road will be relatively smooth.

3、 Automatic elimination after 5 years

The central bank's personal credit records will be kept for five years. That is to say, if you have all the debts and keep a good repayment record in the next five years, your bad credit record will be automatically eliminated. But if you have not paid the debts, the record will follow you all the time.

Finally, I would like to remind you that there are many fraudsters in the market who cheat money under the banner of "eliminating bank blacklist". In fact, even bank employees can't modify their personal credit records without authorization, so don't be fooled. The best way to stay away from bank blacklist is to consume reasonably and repay on time.