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Do you eat the skin and nuclear energy of Garbo? How to choose jiabaoguo

Jiabaoguo is a rare fruit, so many people don't know it very well. Does jiabaoguo have a core? Can jiabaoguo's skin and core be eaten? Let's make it up for you.

Does jiabaoguo have seeds

Carambola is nucleated. Garbo fruit looks similar to grape, but Garbo fruit is a kind of tropical fruit, which grows on the trunk and has rich nutritional value, but it is rare in the general market.

Jiabaoguo is a special fruit with high nutritional value. It contains vitamin C, phosphorus, iron, phosphorus, calcium and other nutrients. In addition, amino acids, riboflavin, ash and protein are also the most important components in jiabaoguo. After people eat jiabaoguo, it can promote the normal metabolism of the body, improve the function of various organs, and strengthen the body if they eat it often To improve the body's disease resistance.

Jiabaoguo blooms in spring and autumn every year, which is suitable for the cool tropical and subtropical climate with medium to high rainfall. The fruit is about an inch in diameter. The juicy pulp contains one to four small seeds. The skin has tannic acid and a slight resinous taste. The fruit grows on the trunk and main branch. It can bear fruit twice a year in spring and autumn in Taiwan, and as many as five times in Brazil. The ripe fruit is round and smooth, the skin is firm and smooth, the flesh is juicy and translucent, and the taste is special. It has high nutritional value. According to statistics, it is rich in water, vitamin C, calcium and other 15 nutrients. The shape and flavor of the fruit are similar to those of grapes, so it is known as a delicious' tropical grape '.

Can the skin and core of Garbo be eaten

The skin and core of Cabernet can be eaten, but the skin of Cabernet has a bad taste, and the core is not easy to digest, so it is generally not eaten.

Jiabao fruit is an evergreen fruit tree. It is warm and heat-resistant. Its flesh is juicy and translucent. It is extremely sweet when fully ripe and has a unique flavor. It also contains various nutrients needed by human body, such as vitamin C, high calcium, phosphorus, iron, fiber, carbohydrate, vitamin B1, acid, calorie, riboflavin, color amino acid, ash, fat, protein and so on. It can be eaten for a long time It is beneficial to prevent cardiovascular disease and enhance resistance, especially for women's vitality, youth and beautiful skin.

The nutritional value of sweet and juicy Cabernet Sauvignon will not disappoint you. Let's take a look at the nutritional components of Cabernet Sauvignon. Take 100g Cabernet Sauvignon as an example, which contains 45.7ka of calories, 87.1g of water, 0.1lg of protein, 0.01g of fat, 12.58g of carbohydrate, 0.08g of fiber, 6.3mg of calcium, 9.2mg of phosphorus, 0.49rag of iron, 0.02rag of vitamin B, 0.21rrg of niacin and 2.7m of vitamin C22 g. These nutrients are very rich. Eating jiabaoguo is a process of replenishing nutrients for the body! Jiabaoguo is not only delicious, but also high in nutrients. All the above 15 kinds of high nutrients can provide sufficient nutrients for the body. You can also replenish them while enjoying the beauty. Think about it and you'll make a profit.

How to choose jiabaoguo


The mature fruit is oval in shape, uniform in size and smooth in surface.


The color of ripe Garbo fruit is purple, or dark purple, or even black. This kind of Garbo fruit has sufficient sugar and sweet taste.


The fresh and ripe Garbo peel smells a little resinous.

For fruits like jiabaoguo, we need to know something first. Jiabaoguo is about two or three centimeters in diameter. Its juicy flesh contains one to four small seeds. Its peel smells slightly resinous. After ripening, jiabaoguo should be purple black, similar to black raisin. Its mature fruit is round, smooth and firm, and its flesh is juicy, translucent and sweet It has a special taste and tastes very good. We often eat Garbo fruit, which is helpful to our health. However, you should pay attention to it when you eat jiabaoguo. Because jiabaoguo is not easy to store, and it is easy to lose water, it will ferment in two or three days at room temperature. In particular, jiabaoguo with damaged peel is easy to breed bacteria. Therefore, when you buy jiabaoguo, if it is damaged, you'd better not choose it.