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How does sea urchin eat best to human body? What foods can't sea urchins eat with

Sea urchin is a kind of invertebrate with spines on its surface. It lives in the ocean and has different body shapes. The most common ones are heart-shaped, spherical and pie shaped. It can be directly eaten fresh after being captured and volatilized. It can supplement rich nutrition for the human body, strengthen the body and improve the physical quality. So how to eat sea urchin is the best for the human body? What kind of food can't be eaten together when eating sea urchin? Let's know!

How to eat sea urchin is best for human body

1. Eat directly

It's the most nutritious to eat sea urchins directly. People can catch or buy fresh sea urchins by the sea. Later, they can open the sea urchins with special tools or ask professionals to take out the yellow sea urchins, rinse them with clean water, and then put them on the ice. After it cools down, they can eat them directly, so that people can taste the original taste of sea urchins. How can they let the human body have as many sea urchins as possible The absorption and utilization of nutrients.

2. Steamed egg with sea urchin

The fresh sea urchin after professional treatment, take out the sea urchin yellow inside, rinse clean, and then brush the sea urchin shell clean, and then knock open 1 to 2 eggs inside, and then take out the sea urchin yellow on the top, and then into the pot steaming, steaming after taking out the right amount of scallion and sesame oil, mix well, you can use, so that the sea urchin taste delicious, nutritious, special yummy.

3. Sea urchin sauce

The sea urchin made into sea urchin sauce is also the most nutritious to eat. Because sea urchin is a kind of seafood with a very short shelf life, it will deteriorate 24 hours after leaving the sea fish. Therefore, in order to extend its shelf life, people will take out the sea urchin and make sea urchin sauce for long-term preservation, which can not only prevent it from rotting, but also facilitate people to eat and carry It can also make the human body absorb a variety of nutrients contained in sea urchins.

What foods can't sea urchins eat with

Sea urchins can't drink those foods with high tannic acid content, especially grapes, hawthorn, persimmon and other fruits can't be eaten together with sea urchins, because the tannic acid they contain will combine with the protein contained in sea urchins to produce some substances that can't be digested by the human body, which will make sea urchins lose a lot of nutrients, and increase the burden on the human stomach and intestines. In serious cases, it will lead to human death They developed abdominal distension and vomiting.