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What about new shoes? Four tips for new shoes

How to polish the heels of new shoes? This is a very common problem. For newly bought shoes, they always polish their feet, even if they are famous brands with hundreds or thousands of pieces. What should we do if the new shoes don't fit? Xiaomianxiaobian will teach you how to solve the problem of grinding the feet of new shoes.

What to do with new shoes grinding feet? Four tips to solve new shoes grinding feet

Alcohol immersion

Pour the Baijiu (25 grams) into the new leather shoes, shake it several times, and put it on after one hour. The cortex will no longer be hard, and the shoe will not be pinch. If the leather shoes are worn on the edge, for example, the heel is placed, the wet paper towel can be dried and thoroughly soaked in Baijiu, and a clip is used to fix the leather shoes at the foot of the grinding place. After placing them for one night, they will not wear their feet for second days.

Rolling method

If the edge of the new leather shoes is worn, wet towel can be used to cover the worn part for a few minutes to make it moist and soft, and then a cylindrical object (such as a glass bottle) can be used to roll and press it several times to make the worn part smooth, so that the worn part will not be worn again.

What to do with new shoes grinding feet? Four tips to solve new shoes grinding feet

Wedge palm technique

If the new shoes pinch more serious, wet towel can be used to cover wet, and then shoes wedge support, put on the foot.


If the sole of a new shoe is worn, it can be put on the crutch of the shoe and knocked with a hammer to make the ground flat. How to grind the heel of a new shoe will be solved. If there is no shoe crutch, it can also be replaced by other iron tools.