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What are the effects of chrysanthemum and medlar tea? Can chrysanthemum and medlar tea be drunk ever

Chrysanthemum and Lycium barbarum are ideal partners. Put them together to make chrysanthemum. Lycium barbarum tea has excellent health preserving effect. It can not only clear the liver and eyes, but also clear away heat and fire, as well as detoxify and beautify. Next, Xiaobian will talk about the efficacy and function of chrysanthemum and medlar tea to Da Jia.

Efficacy and function of chrysanthemum and medlar tea

1. Radiation resistance improves the body's resistance to disease

Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea is not only attractive in taste and beautiful in color, but also rich in supplement for human body. Vitamin C and vitamin E can make human body absorb some tea polyphenols. These substances have obvious antioxidant effect, which can clean up oxidation products in human body and prevent free radicals from accumulating in human body. It can not only improve human body's anti radiation ability, but also regulate human immune system and strengthen human body Disease resistance.

2. Relieve fatigue

Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can supplement some polysaccharides and plant protein for human body, it can supplement energy for human body, promote body metabolism, alleviate human fatigue, in addition, chrysanthemum wolfberry tea is a typical alkaline drink, it can speed up the excretion of lactic acid in human body and prevent the formation of lactic acid, and lactic acid is an important existence that leads to human fatigue, it will reduce people's physical strength as soon as possible Recovery.

3. Protect your eyes

Protecting eyes and preventing vision loss is also an important effect of chrysanthemum wolfberry tea, because chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can not only resist radiation, but also clear liver and eyesight, relieve eye fatigue. Lycium barbarum polysaccharide and vitamin A contained in Chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can also improve human retinal function. After human body absorbs them, it can prevent retinopathy and prevent night blindness.

Can chrysanthemum and medlar tea be drunk everyday

For most people, chrysanthemum wolfberry tea can be drunk every day. It can not only enrich the nutrition for the human body, but also play a certain role in health care. It can enhance the physical quality of human beings and delay the aging of the body. However, chrysanthemum wolfberry tea is also a kind of drink with slightly cold nature. People with deficiency of spleen and stomach or weak constitution can not drink chrysanthemum wolfberry tea every day, otherwise it will aggravate the health, Spleen and stomach burden, prone to abdominal pain and diarrhea.