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Can Cranberry really treat gynecological diseases? Efficacy and function of cranberry

90% of women have more or less gynecological diseases. Gynecological diseases repeatedly bring a lot of inconvenience to women's life, so many women's health products have a big market, so can Cranberry capsule really treat gynecological diseases? What are the efficacy and role of cranberry?

1、 Does Cranberry really treat gynecological diseases

Cranberry is rich in nutrition. It can not only prevent gastric ulcer and gastric cancer, but also help gynecological diseases. For women's inflammation, tumor and endocrine disorders have a certain effect, at the same time for infertile female friends also have a certain role, in addition, cranberry can also improve dysmenorrhea.

In addition to the female gynecological disease has a certain curative effect, for the urinary system inflammation also has a preventive effect. So women's gynecological diseases must be based on prevention, do not wait until found to treat, so the treatment is more complex, to patients will also increase more pain.

2、 Efficacy of cranberry

1. Cranberry can also prevent Alzheimer's disease, antioxidant. It contains strong free radical substances, and the content of bioflavonoids is higher than other fruits and vegetables. Can effectively prevent Alzheimer's disease.

2. At the same time, it can also beautify and maintain skin health. It is rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and pectin. It can improve the condition of constipation and help the excretion of intestinal toxins.

3. It can also improve the condition of periodontitis, reduce the bacteria in the mouth, and often gargle with the extract of cranberry. Can effectively prevent oral diseases, with the growth of age. Gingival disease leads to tooth loss. Gargling with cranberry extract for a long time can reduce bacterial attachment to teeth.