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How to soak ginger in water? Ginger and what is the best water to drink

Spicy ginger is not good to eat, but it is very popular in our life. People not only like to eat it as a condiment, but also like to drink it in water. It is said that how to make it in water? When people drink it in water, what kind of food materials can make it play a better role in health care?

How to soak ginger in water

1. Ginger water needs to use just boiled water to drink, and before using ginger water, it should be washed with clean water, after removing the water, cut it into thin slices, take 56 pieces directly into the cup, then flush into just boiled water, soak for 3 ~ 5 minutes, you can drink directly, at this time, the feeling of ginger water is not good, if not acceptable, you can also add appropriate amount of bee Honey seasoning.

2. Ginger can be washed and chopped into minced ginger in advance by soaking ginger in water. In this way, nutrition in ginger can be easily separated out into water during brewing, which is convenient for human body to absorb and use. After a good use of ginger water to drink, do not put too much each time, 200 ml cup into about 10 grams of ginger can, in the boiling water before you can also add the right amount of brown sugar, so that the ginger water has a particularly obvious role in promoting blood circulation, can effectively enhance the cold resistance of human body.

Ginger and what is the best water to drink

1. Zanthoxylum bungeanum

Ginger and Zanthoxylum are best to drink together in water. Although they don't taste good when they drink together in water, their health care function is particularly excellent. After people drink it in water, it can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, accelerate blood circulation, relieve swelling and pain, dispel wind and cold, and has good prevention and relief effect on human rheumatic bone pain, arthritis and common frostbite.

2. Tangerine peel

Ginger and Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae are good for human health. When they are soaked in water, ginger can be cut into shreds, Pericarpium Citri Reticulatae can be put into a cup and brewed with boiling water. After drinking, people can strengthen spleen and stomach, promote digestion, stop cough, remove phlegm, moisten lung and relieve asthma, which is of great benefit to maintaining human health.

3. Jujube and longan

Ginger and jujube with longan and other ingredients together, soaking in water to drink is also particularly good for the body, and when soaking in water can also add an appropriate amount of wolfberry, people can enhance the cold resistance ability of the body after drinking such ginger water, and can replenish qi and blood, alleviate the loss of Qi and blood, insist on drinking can make the body quality improved significantly.