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How long does it take for a second-hand car to be transferred to another place? How to handle the ou

In our daily life, after purchasing a car, for various reasons, we need to transfer the ownership of the car. However, some foreigners buy it. How long does it take for a second-hand car to be upgraded and transferred? How to handle the outward transfer? Let's have a look.

needs to be opened to the home.

1. First of all, drive to the vehicle management office where the vehicle is located to check the car and raise the file. After putting forward the vehicle file, the second-hand car pastes a temporary license plate and drives back to the local vehicle management office to handle the registration procedures. After the file is obtained from the vehicle management office, it is sealed and pasted with a seal. Within 30 days from the date of receiving the files, go through the transfer procedures at the vehicle management office of the transfer place.

2. Prepare the "file", "traffic compulsory insurance policy", "ID card" and copies, "residence card" and copies, and drive your car to the local vehicle management office.

3. Measure the exhaust gas, get the form to the test line to detect the exhaust gas.

4. There is a special place for vehicle inspection after the vehicle management office (Xipu vehicle management office has an open space on the roadside of Xifang) to directly hand over the files and relevant information to the staff.

5. Register and select the number, find a place to park the car, and go to the registration hall to select the number. At present, you can choose one from ten manually.

6. After choosing the right car number, go to the registration hall to arrange and give the acceptance form and the number selection form to the staff. Then pay.

7. Wait, go to the LED screen in the hall and wait for the result. The LED screen will show "No. XXX". The owner can go to window x to get the number

8. License (registration certificate, environmental protection sign), etc.

Extended information:

Outward transfer:

1、 If the buyer is an individual from other places and the vehicle needs to be settled in the local area, he / she needs to apply for a local temporary residence permit; if the owner of the vehicle is a temporary residence permit, he / she needs the original temporary residence permit when he / she handles the transfer of ownership and file promotion (renewal of expired one).

2、 Motor vehicle registration certificate (no such certificate is available for vehicles listed or transferred before October 2001, and registration certificate is required before transfer. If the registration certificate is lost, the owner should be present in person).

3、 The transfer of ownership of vehicles must have legal procedures. Before the mortgage of vehicles purchased by installments and vehicles with economic disputes can not be transferred; the loan needs to be paid off first to release the mortgage.

4、 Transfer vehicles must be driven to the scene, and within the validity period of the annual review.

5、 After the transfer of ownership of the vehicle, the insurance and purchase tax of the vehicle also need to be changed. The city only changes the insurance transfer, purchase tax does not change

6、 Except for the blue brand truck with operation license, the license plate of other small blue brand vehicles must be changed when transferring ownership. Only the original owner can use the original license plate, but only if the license plate has been used for three years.