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Does our master copy Korean variety show? What's the matter with our master's plagiarism

Our master variety show started not long ago, but recently it has aroused a heated debate about plagiarism. Is our master's plagiarism true? What's the matter with our master's plagiarism?

Is it true that our master program is plagiarized

Recently, our master program has been popular and won the first audience rating among the three networks. However, recently, it has been caught in the problem of plagiarism. It is rumored that our master program is suspected of plagiarizing the South Korean variety show "one master at home". Netizens believe that "one master at home" and "our master" have similar themes and modes, so there are doubts about plagiarism. But for the time being, our master has not responded.

Our master is a variety show of Hunan Satellite TV, a documentary cultural character inheritance program. According to the previous program director, the creative inspiration of our master's program comes from the four Tang monks in journey to the West. In our master's program, four apprentices will go to master's home for three days and two nights together to learn from master and experience life.

What happened to our master's plagiarism

Internet users have heard that our master copied the Han Zong model. On April 8, SBS TV, our master production company, responded that the copyright of "one master at home" will be confirmed as soon as possible. After confirmation, we will discuss how to deal with it. Because the production purpose and way of the variety show "our master" are very similar to the Korean program "one master at home", netizens in China and South Korea have questioned its plagiarism.

South Korean variety show "our master" was launched on December 31, 2017, and the latest program was broadcast on April 7, 2019. Members Li Shengji, Li shangyun, Lu xingcai and Liang shijiong will visit the homes of famous and successful people in different fields for two days and one night, and observe and learn the wisdom of celebrities' life. In the program, Li Shengji, Li shangyun, Lu xingcai and Liang shijiong go to find a "master" in a "room" and live in his way of life to spend a day of rampage.