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How to make Cabernet Sauvignon wine? What are the effects of Jiabao fruit wine

Jiabao fruit is rich in calcium, anthocyanins and other nutrients with high nutritional value. However, the price is relatively expensive. Generally, a jin of jiabaoguo costs 200-500 yuan. Ordinary people are reluctant to spend this money to buy jiabaoguo. In addition to the direct use like other fruits, you can also use jiabaoguo to make wine. It not only has unique taste, but also has many effects. The following small make-up to introduce the practice of jiabaoguo brewing wine and the efficacy of jiabaoguo wine.

How to make jiabaoguo wine

1. The Cabernet Sauvignon must be fully mature without any damage or decay. After picking, soak jiabaoguo in Taomi water for half an hour, then wash it with clean water, put it into a sieve and drain.

2. Ferment the yeast in warm water.

3. Clean the wine making container and disinfect it. Then put the cleaned Cabernet into the juicer and crush it. Pour the crushed juice into the container, put in the yeast and cover it. Put the sealed container in a cool and dry place. After about three months, the wine will be ready. You can open the lid to taste it. It tastes very fragrant.

Efficacy of jiabaoguo liquor

1. It has the effect of reducing thrombosis

Jiabao fruit contains a lot of unsaturated acids, which has strong oxidation ability. After soaking Jiabao fruit in wine, the unsaturated acids in the fruit can be completely separated out. After eating, the unsaturated acid is absorbed by the human body, which can reduce blood loss and thrombosis. The middle-aged and elderly people are older, and their cardiovascular and cerebrovascular metabolic capacity is gradually declining. Drinking jiabaoguo wine can oxidize the low-density lipoprotein in the blood vessels and protect the cardiovascular system.

2. It has the effect of promoting appetite

Garbo itself is an appetizing fruit. After soaking Garbo in liquor, the nutrients in it will be completely integrated into the liquor. After drinking, it can greatly promote the appetite of the human body. People with a bad appetite can have an appetizer if they drink a little before eating.