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How to eat dandelion? What is the edible taboo of moutan

Paeonia suffruticosa is a traditional Chinese medicine name, which is also called peony skin. It comes from the plant. Peony is the dry root skin of this plant. It can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis, and also can resist bacteria and inflammation. In daily life, it can be used as a health food for people to eat, which can protect the body and prevent diseases. But when eating, we should also pay attention to the taboo of Paeonia suffruticosa, so as not to cause physical discomfort due to improper eating.

How to eat Cortex Moutan

1. Fried soup

When needed, people can take 5-10 grams of Cortex Moutan, directly put it in the pot and add appropriate amount of water for boiling. After boiling, add 20 minutes. After taking it out, filter out the dregs and drink it directly instead of tea. When decocting the soup, cortex moutan can also be combined with a variety of different Chinese herbal medicines such as Radix Rehmanniae and radix paeoniae rubra, which will make it more effective in health care Better.

2. Stewed pigeon with Cortex Moutan

Dandelion can also be stewed with pigeons. When making it, you need to prepare a pigeon with 15 grams of ginger and 15 grams of cortex Rehmanniae and cortex moutan. Kill the prepared pigeons and wash them after cleaning. Then soak the prepared cortex Rehmanniae and cortex Rehmanniae with water. After cleaning, put them into the stew together with the pigeons. Add enough water and ginger and boil them in high heat Simmer for two hours with low heat, take out and eat pigeon meat and drink soup.

3. Stewed spareribs with Cortex Moutan

Usually when people stew spareribs at home, they can also put in an appropriate amount of Cortex Moutan, which can make the meat of spareribs more tender, and make the nutritional value of spareribs soup higher. People can benefit Qi and blood and relieve body deficiency after eating. When stewing spareribs with Cortex Moutan, it's the same as usual. Just wash the cortex moutan and put it into the pot with other seasonings.

Eating taboo of Paeonia suffruticosa

Paeonia suffruticosa has obvious nourishing effect on human body, but it is only used together with rhubarb, garlic, coriander and other food materials when used. They are opposite in nature or exist together. If they are eaten together, it is not conducive to the function of Paeonia suffruticosa, and it will produce some harmful substances to human body, which will have adverse effects on human health.